Haven’t received my code for the 3 month offer

  • 30 December 2017
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I purchased a speaker with the 3 months offer 2 weeks before Christmas Day and I still haven’t received the code when it said 7-14 days until your email with the code gets here.

Best answer by Noam Asulin 31 December 2017, 08:55

Contact Deezer support to check this :
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4 replies

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Contact Deezer support to check this :
i entered a code that was supposed to give me a 3 months free subscription and it’s only been 15 days and i can’t you any of the premium features anymore
Where do I enter the promotional code to get a free trial for 3 months ?
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Hi @erinbattell , @jesswhite2002 , please get in touch with our support team here and send them the code, please 😉