Family plan playing 30 second snips then moves to next song

  • 9 January 2019
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I have a Family plan subscription using Google Home as the primary device. Also have 3 connected pucks all linked to the same account and primary device.

When I request an artist be played, it starts the first song and after about 30 seconds, moves to the next and so on. Happens on all Google devices. I have not tested on a PC or mobile, I do not stream through these.

This does not happen for all music genre's, Crashing Waves, Forest sounds etc. play as expected.

I have unlinked an then relinked the accounts, unplugged the devices, logged out and back on with both deezer and Google accounts with no change.

This is frustrating. I'm hoping for an easy solution. Anyone have a 'fix' for this, not a "I have this issue also" comment?


1 reply

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Hey there @walters3290

Thanks for the input. Our developers are already aware of this and are working on it ;)
Keep an eye on this topic.