error message: Your Deezer account is currently in listening mode on another device

  • 13 February 2021
  • 3 replies

I get this Error message: Your Deezer account is currently in listening mode on another device. I have unlinked my accounts but still this error persists. Please help I think someone is using my account as I can see new favorite songs being added.

3 replies

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Hi @Doreen Mathebula-Prevoo I am sorry to hear that. I’ve done some maintenance in your account and also sent you a password reset link. Please click on the link, create a new password for your account and login again.
That should fix the problem, but let me know if that is not the case.
Thanks :)

Good day. I am using the Deezer 4.32.20 version, and from what I can see this issue has been going on now for a couple of years. 

Every time reseting users accounts is not the source of this problem. I have a very good anti virus, and I do adhere to the recommended security policies. I do not link my social accounts to my apps, neither is my passwords the same.

This is really REALLY frustrating. I have logged a call this morning, and the response was change my password, which i did a few weeks ago.

But just to entertain you guys I still changed my password.

I just have 1 question, if I have Deezer installed on 2 devices, why is it that only 1 device is listed on my profile?

I tried to logon with my mobile number in order to post this, and it didnt allow me, because the verification process isn’t working. 

Why does does this have to be so painful to have a Deezer subscription? Maybe I need to check out alternatives.


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Hi @drp1112 I completely understand your frustration and I will pass your feedback to our developers.
What I can do from here which will help is to close session in any device where your account is opened. For that to work, and as painful as it sounds, I also need you to reset your password one more time clicking on the link I just sent to your email.
You should not have problems after that.
Regarding the linked devices, I have unlinked all devices from the account for a fresh start… Keep in mind that only mobiles devices will count as connected devices.
Thanks :)