Distributor email for Distrokid?

I have just released a track and to get into my artist account I need to submit to the Deezer backstage but one of the required slots is a distributor email and I have no idea what that is for Distrokid.


Best answer by Rudi 18 April 2020, 17:24

Hey @papasob 

The distributor will get that sorted with us. For more info, please see this page here.

Thanks for choosing our platform, hope you get a lot of streams :v_tone2:

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Hey @papasob 

The distributor will get that sorted with us. For more info, please see this page here.

Thanks for choosing our platform, hope you get a lot of streams :v_tone2:

Hey @papasob 

The distributor will get that sorted with us. For more info, please see this page here.

Thanks for choosing our platform, hope you get a lot of streams :v_tone2:



there’s no info on Distrokid there. Does this mean that until Deezer gets this thing sorted with DK I won’t be able to access Backstage, hence update my band’s profile?



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Hello @Alice Grupallo, once your profile is live on Distrokid, you will be able to request access to Backstage. If there are any delays, let us know and we can help speed up the process.

Have a nice day!


Hi @Kevin Deezer and @Rudi ,

I have the exact same issue as Alice and papasob : I am distributed by Distrokid and want to access Deezer Backstage. When I request access, one of the slots is “Distributor Email”.

I have asked Distrokid what I should type into that field and had no answer except for “Unfortunately we do not offer access to Deezer Backstage at this time. I apologize for any inconvenience”.

Would you be able to clarify what I have to do to access Deezer Backstage ?
Thank you very much, hope to hear from you soon !

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Hey @Hazzard Prod 

No probs. Thanks for reaching out to us.

This is because Distrokid doesn't offer this type of "management". They just distribute the content.

I guess you can add any email you have for Distrokid's support. The request will come from your email so that any information from Distrokid shouldn't be needed to get access to Backstage.

Let me know how it goes :v_tone2:

Hello @Rudi and thank you very much for the quick reply !

Actually that is exactly what I did when I first realized I needed a “distrokid email” : typed in the support email.

So I did this on the 18th june, no news so far. I seem to have read that due to many requests, the process was taking quite long.
Should I just carry on waiting ?

Thank you, have a great day !

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Hello @Hazzard Prod, it’s still a bit early now but if next week you haven’t gotten any news, get back to us :slight_smile:

HI, I did my request to Deezer Backstage and same thing, I distribute with Distrokid.

I did the request a long time ago. May 2, 2020 to be exact. 


I sent some emails to, but I dont have answer yet and that is worry.

Hope that you can answer me here. @Kevin Deezer - @Rudi 

Cheers. :D


Hello @Kevin Deezer !

So still no news from Deezer Backstage, would it be possible to see what’s up ?


Thank you, hope to hear from you soon !

@Kevin Deezer and @Rudi , any advice on what to do to have access to Deezer Backstage ? It’s been quite a while now….

Thank you !!

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Hello @Hazzard Prod, contact me via PM and give me the email address you used for the request as well as the name of the artist you need a Backstage for. So sorry about not answering earlier.


Hi all,

@Kevin Deezer Indeed, I also use Distrokid and I processed my request to access Backstage, however in the “Your distributor email” section I placed my email that generally occupies all my artist accounts. I don't know if I should resend the form with the email “” or keep waiting for a response. My request was sent on Jul 16, 2020.

Thank you very much for any information.

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Hello @MiguelMagnan, very sorry about the late answer, could you send me a private message with the name of your artist profile, not sure if it’s the same name than the one you have on the Community :slight_smile:

Hey @Kevin Deezer & @Rudi 
I’ve got the same issue here : I’ve request the access to Backstage since my releases were done with Distrokid and I don’t have any feedback since.

I’ve requested the access for The Noise Who Runs on June with the mail

Could you please check this out ?

Thanks !

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Hello @Juju Le Barbu, could you please get in touch with our customer support team? We got a bit overwhelmed on the Community with the Backstage requests those last weeks, it’s better if you reach out to the support team so your request is tracked with an ID number.

Alright! In case you need it, my request number is the 5522257.

If not, I’ll wait for the support team to answer.

Hi I got the same problem, I do my request on the 14 July and I didn’t get a respond.

Can you help me ?

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Hi @Leo Garcin, I am sorry to hear that.
It has been a long time so definitely must be something wrong with your request. Do you have ny confirmation email regarding your request?
Please contact our customer support team with all the relevant information, such as artist name, URL link to music/album on Deezer, UPC, and email you used when filling the form, and one of our agents will help you, and hopefully you can have access as soon as possible.
Let me know how it goes :relaxed:

I am running into the same problem here as @MiguelMagnan, could I get some clarification please? I requested access and under distributor email, I put my own. Should I just wait it out? Please let me know, and thanks.

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Hi @Schlump you need to put the distributor’s email in that field. If it was Disktroid for example, needs to be 
If that still doesn’t work, please contact our  customer support team
Let me know how it goes:relaxed:

Hi, I filled out my request for access back in June. I’m running into the same issue as many others have. I either used for the email or my business email. I tried again today and I got the “you’ve already requested access” prompt. Is there anyway I can get some help with this? Thanks.

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Hi @cg_wells please contact our Deezer Support Team and let them know the problem and your email you used for your request and they will be able to help.
Apologies for the inconvenience. 

Hi @Jaime. @Rudi i have the same problem. 

I’m distibued by Distrokid and i wait my access to Deezer backastage since february.

What i need to do ?

Thanks a lot 


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Hi @Theo Roux can you please send me the URL link on Deezer to your Artist Page/Music and also let me know if you did the request with the same email you are subscribed to Deezer and the Community in order to help you?
Thanks :relaxed:

Hello @Rudi@Jaime., I’ve got the same problem as everyone there, my music is distribued by Distrokid but I can’t find a way to access my backstage, would you guys help me ?