Different price of offer

At least second time I’ve got the offer from Deezer to my Email used my name from the app with one price but when I follow the link from email I see that price is another for me - higher.
I don’t claim to the best offer to me but I claim to truth or neither information from Deezer in my email.

Thank you

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Hi there, sorry about that. That should not happen of course and this is not intentional. Can you tell me which prices you are seeing?
It shows promotion price in the letter 169 rub for using Deezer next 3 months.(screenshort is added)

When I follow the link I come to the page with notification “You can’t use this promotion but you can pay usual price” (screenshot is added)

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this offer is for new users and you had it before 🙂
And? I’ve asked why I get on my email again and again as new offer with my account’s name?
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Hi @Dikkens sorry about that. Could you please get in touch with our support and see what they can do for you?
Wtf? I’ve got it AGAIN right now