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  • 27 June 2020
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I have been a Costomer for over 7years , last month my subscription was cancelled . I phoned my bank and they said Deezer have stoped collecting .. nothing to do with me or my bank account , since then I havnt been able to re subscribe as the app won’t let me .

costomer support chat unless , they say I can resubscribe at a higher price 12.99 instead of 9.99  and that’s it can’t talk to anyone on phone as they don’t have anyone to talk to and the chat person was rude and unhelpful . 
if I want to put a complaint in I can’t no facility to do that !! 
there happy to take my money over the last 7+ years but not willing to help . 
I’m done with them going to Spotify but think I will lose 7years worth of music ! 
discusting Costomer servile 

1 reply

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Hello @Alison.Aldridge, I think there was a misunderstanding, I had a look at your conversation with the support. The person you talked to recommended you to subscribe again directly on using a computer so that you pay 9.99 a month, because if you subscribe via Apple, in that case you would pay 12.99 a month, Apple gets a commission when they’re managing the subscription for us.

I apologize for the bad experience you had. Feel free to get back to me if you need.

Have a nice day