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  • 9 September 2021
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Я подключил premium, но hi-fi у меня нету (в прbложении для pc ). Что делать?

I connected premium, but I don't have hi-fi (in the pc app). What to do?


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7 replies

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Hahahahaha. It's been a pleasure, Watson. :joy:


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Thanks for the help Sherlock). Now it's all clear. Dr. Watson is glad))

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@Артём Жуков

Yes, you got the email that said that existing subscriptions will be switched from September 5th…. in the course of paying for the next pay month.

But you had already paid on September 3rd, i.e. 2 days before the start of the changeover.

Your subscription will actually be changed on October 3rd.

The problem now is that you started your subscription at an unlucky time, so you unfortunately have to wait until October. :confused:

But to be on the safe side, I am linking to the Deezer staff, who are hopefully so friendly and will do a cross-check. → @Jaime. # @Alfredo. 

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Thanks)). I understood to the end, but I kind of understood). I received a letter in August (I did not save it), the content is something like this: Your premium subscription will include hi-fi from some (?) September.

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@Артём Жуков

You booked your subscription on August 3rd. This didn't have a HiFi yet. Since September 5th, the premium subscriptions have been switched and receive HiFi as part of the payment for the following month.

The changed offer wall for new customers has been displayed since August 5th.

Do you notice something? :wink:

You booked your subscription on August 3rd = old premium (Two days later and you would have already got Premium with HiFi.)

You paid regularly on September 3rd = old premium (Two days too early, as existing subscriptions will only be converted with payment from September 5th.)

If you pay on October 3rd you will automatically get Premium including HiFi.

Call me Sherlock. :nerd:

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1. The subscription is new.
  2. In the mobile application, only hq.
3. On pc the maximum point is 320 kbs.
What to do?


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Hi @Артём Жуков 

Have you booked a new Premium subscription or have you been using Premium for a long time?

Can you set HiFi quality on your smartphone?

In the desktop app you will find the audio settings at the bottom right (1) and there you can switch to HiFi (2).