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Hey @Diederich

Sorry you haven't been able to access the page. Could you tell me what you can see on your screen? Have you tried from a different browser? Thank you for your input.
Hi Rudi

the link in Anne's message refers to

I pasted this link into both Chrome and IE and got "the website is not accessible" as a reply message.

When starting from I cannot find any link to the different Deezer offers.

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Hi @Diederich can you please try this link:
Hi @Diederich can you please try this link:

It doesn't work ((( It forced me to Deezer HiFi and I haven't a chance to see Family Plan at all (((
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Hey @Denis.Kolodin

You first need to cancel your current subscription and wait until the account reverts to Free. Then you check the link again and Family should be an option 😉
Hi ,

I bought family subscription, and I feel really uncomfortable using it. The reasons current implementation is uncomfortable are:
  1. I need to share my personal information with other people, or go to there place and enter my data into their computers/phones (at least I didn't fount any other solution)
  2. When they login they need to select their own profile in the account, and if they make a mistake in that and select my profile - my music will stop playing (had this issue already 😞 )
Is there anyway you could implement this feature based on invitations?
E.g.: I have my main account, where I bought a family subscription, and I can invite people (via email etc..). They will create an account on Deezer (or use already created one) and that account will be under my subscription.
I saw at the begging of this thread similar discussion, but no answers regarding any intentions of doing so. I really like this service, but thinking about changing to other music provider because of this.
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Hi Oleksiy.Dymashok, thanks for the feedback!
We work exactly how Netflix does and all users have to open the same account. They don't have to click on their profile all the time, just once and then it goes automatically, but our devs are actually working on this at the moment and hopefully this procedure will be improved soon!
with deezer family it is possible to hear music simultaneously in 2 or 3 family members with different accounts ?

Thank you fo the answer
I tried to upgrade to Deezer Family but keep getting the error message:

"We are sorry, but you are not eligible for this offer."

Unfortunately, no further help is offered. How to get this to work?
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Hi there @gehriga

Sorry to hear that. Have a look above for further help, but if no success, please try clearing your app's cache. And if it doesn't help, please get in touch with our support team here 😉
Thanks. Various browsers on different machines. Same result.

I've submitted my query as soon as I noticed that this forum here was just the community and not the service provider.

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You mean we're not the support team? Yes, we're the official community 🤓 our support will look into the upgrade, @gehriga

The answer is in this topic @airoldiluca 😉
if I opgrade to familie sub, do I loose my prepayde sub. Have a 1 year sub running. Seem a little extrime!!
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Hi @Ole Helle-Broe

yes if you upgrade you will lose it. I suggest you contact support here and ask them if there's anything they can do.
Was an if I opgrade but still seems counter productive if there customers like to opgrade.
I try contract them see if really there intent.
thank you