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Deezer Family means you can give up to 6 individual Premium+ profiles to your family members while only paying one low price.

How does it work?

When subscribing to Deezer Family, you get a Premium+ account and up to 5 other Premium+ profiles to share with your family members. Your account becomes the Master Profile, which is used:

You can create up to 5 secondary profiles, each functions like a normal Premium+ account with their own favorites, playlists and Deezer Flow.

Just so you know:
  • Members of a Deezer Family subscription must reside at the same address.
  • Deezer Family is available worldwide with the exception of users in the United States.

Subscribing to Deezer Family

Head to our Deezer Family page using a web browser on your computer, click on Get Deezer Family, enter your payment details and enjoy!

The Family offer will replace your current subscription in real time and you will be charged the subscription fee immediately.

You can then start creating secondary Family Profiles and spreading the love.

Other Useful Family links

Frequently asked questions

You already have a Deezer Premium+ account, do you need to create a second account for Deezer Family?
No, you can just upgrade your existing account to Deezer Family, via your account subscription page in your browser.

All your playlists, albums and downloaded content will still be available after you upgrade.
Just remember, if you are subscribed through iTunes or a phone bundle, you will have to cancel through the third party and then subscribe to Family afterwards.

You already have two or more Deezer accounts in your house, can you merge them onto one account?
You’ll first need to setup your Family account and create your secondary profiles, then contact our support team and we can help you transfer your favorites.

What’s the difference between the Master Profile and the Secondary Profiles?
The Master Profile is the primary account which is used to login, pay and manage your Family account.
Secondary profiles are created on the Master profile, which are accessed after logging in to the master profile. They can’t be used to manage the Family account, but all 6 profiles enjoy all the benefits of Premium+.

What platforms is Deezer Family available for?
Deezer Family is available for our Android, iOS and Windows 10 apps as well as our browser player.
At the moment other systems can only log in to the Master Account, we’re working in collaboration with our partners to make this functionality available across all systems in the future.

What happens if you cancel Deezer Family on the Master account?
If you cancel your Deezer Family plan, your account will revert to a Deezer Free account and all linked profiles will be suspended.
You won’t lose any of the playlists or saved albums on any profile as a result of cancelling Deezer Family, but the profiles will be inaccessible until your re-subscribe.

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Nevermind. Other profiles show up in the share box.
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Glad you found it! 🙌🏼 Any information about the Family subscription and account management can also be found here.
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Our master account is mine and I've created two secondary accounts: my wife, and my daughter (6 years old).

Could we add a way to have the secondary accounts log in without needing to log into the master account? Here are the reasons:

1. I use a really complex password that my wife cannot remember.
2. My daughter is using our old Squeezebox and it only can connect to the master account and no secondary. If the secondary user could independently log in, that wouldn't be a problem. I'm guessing many more apps would act like this.
3. Sonos only allows 1 Deezer source per email address. Allowing secondary user login would circumvent this issue.
I currently have deezer elite for the flac standard and only have 3 users , is the family option for elite available of would I lose the quality but gain extra users ?
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Hi @pmcelreavy, there are no plans for an individual login for every profile of family accounts.
Regarding the password: That shouldn't be a big issue since your wife should be logged in even after closing the app. Does she have to log in every time she opens the app?

Regarding Sqeezebox and Sonos: That's great feedback and I understand that it would be ideal if you could switch between profiles on sound systems. We will pass your feedback on to our team. I can't promise anything but they will look into it. And we'll update the community should there be an update for this! ☺
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@Nelso Elite and Family can't be combined atm. That means you can switch to Family but you will go back to standard MP3 quality.

But I hope that in the future, it'll be possible to have CD quality as a Family account. ☺
how to add other user to my Deezer family account?
My husband has Deezer premium and we are trying to upgrade it to a Deezer family before his month is up. How do we do that. It doesn’t come up as an option on his account??
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See instructions below :
Deezer Family how to add or how its Working this?
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Don't understand your question . It seems like it's related to "Troubleshooting and tips" sub forum .
Please explain further what is the problem
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Hi @fido007, welcome to the community! 👋🏻 Have you checked our Family article on the community? That one should help. Let me know if there are still questions. I'm happy to assist 😉
How can I upgrade to a family account without having to pay double? I read there's no refund of already paid funds. Kind Regards
thank you anja for link,
so means that it is not possible to add other existing deezer client to my family account , in order to join my family group?
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@LMGallant, if your husband is paying his current subscription through Itunes or a telco partner, the old offer needs to be cancelled and you need to wait until it's ended. Afterwards you can upgrade without any issues 😉
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Hi @sbo, that's right. I's suggest you to cancel the current subscription and just wait until it ended. Afterwards you can subscribe to Family. That way you can make sure you don't don't pay "twice" for on period 😉
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That's right. Since the Family offer is a one account subscription which is shared by several profiles, we can't add an existing Deezer account. But you can just create profiles for your family and the ones who already have an account can log in to the new family profiles and "visit" their old accounts. That way they can just press the heart button and therefore add the lists and albums to their new profile 😉
I have and pay for deezer family account but the idea if this is few people to use it at the same time but as soon as a member of my family account listens to music nobody else can. NOT HAPPY
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I would suggest using the link below to contact Deezer support. They maybe be able to help you
I’ve subscribed a family account but it’s still off. What should I do to do it works?
I made a mistake. I suscribed in premium but I wanted to doit in family. How can I change the subscription
I have à Deezer premium + .
I World like to change it for deezer family. Can you help me please? And give me more infos about it? ( price etc..)
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Hi there, did you receive a confirmation for the activation and does your account act as a free one in general?
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Hi @irinakurteva, please make sure that every member switches to their child profile before using Deezer. It looks like all of them are using the master profile, which causes the error 🙂
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Hi there, that's not a problem. You can just cancel the current subscription and subscribe again to Family. FYI: If you've paid for this month's Premium+ I'd suggest you wait until the months ended and then subscribe to Family to make sure you don't pay twice for the same period 😉