Deezer + Apple subscription cancellation

  • 15 September 2020
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I had an issue a couple of days ago with my payment and had to wait for Deezer to go back to free. Your payment system really needs to get an upgrade so we can update card details with ease or have it charged again .


Made the mistake today of subscribing through Apple but that only has Premium and not Hifi. Cancelled the subscription in the store but it's still showing as active in Deezer. I really just want to get back listening to music. How long does this usually take?


A few days just trying to resolve a subscription is too much of a hassle. Some people block their cards for security reasons. There is no easy way, like some other companies do, to have the card charged again. I hope this gets resolved soon.

3 replies

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Hi @EvoLunatic, thanks for your feedback regarding our payment system.

HiFi subscriptions are only available if you subscribe directly with Deezer and not via Apple.
I understand that you cancelled the premium subscription and you can also try to ask for a refund contacting Apple on the following link:
However, the account will remain active as Premium until the period ends and after that you will be able to subscribe to HiFi again.

Apologies for the inconvenience :expressionless:


Hi @Jaime.,


Thank you for the reply. I don't want a refund, just want to be able to remove this subscription and get the Hifi. Waiting a whole month is not ideal.


Can someone from IT help out with this?

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When it comes to Apple subscriptions, after you cancel, we need to fulfil that period and wait until the subscription ends and reverts to free. 
Apologies for that but I am afraid you’ll have to wait before you can switch to HiFi :frowning2: