couldnt subscribe to deezer hifi

  • 5 April 2021
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I couldn't upgrade to premium to hifi. Error message showing ” we are sorry but you are not eligible for this offer”


Best answer by hpguru 5 April 2021, 21:49

Have you canceled Premium first? Once Free, you can go Hifi.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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6 replies

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Have you canceled Premium first? Once Free, you can go Hifi.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Yes cancelled premium subscription already but still cant

I think i need to wait till end of subscribed date to subscribe hifi. But it will be end of this month 27th april

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Sure, you need to wait this long. Sorry for any inconveniences.

This is a ridiculous way to operate a service.

I too am *trying to pay you*.

I’m a new user who simply wants to subscribe to HiFi.

I don’t care about any free trials and I don’t want the free tier at all. I just want to pay for HiFi. You can’t get any more desirable customer than that. I already sold myself and I want your best service. It is unbelievable that this doesn’t work.

I created an account, and go to the plans page, and try to hit “try it now” and all it does is re-load the plans page.

If I go to the “more info” page for HiFi, the “try it now” button there does the same thing, just reloads the HiFi page.

If I go to my account settings and try to hit “manage my subscriptions” it just loads an about:blank for a split second and back to the account settings page.

I am working way too hard to give someone else money.

I bet in my case it’s something unforgivably *stupid* like maybe the site doesn’t work if the browser is on Linux or FireFox instead of Windows or Mac, or Chrome or Edge or Safari. I don’t know because I haven’t tried from a Windows machine, and probably won’t because why should I? If the site is that stupid then why bother dealing with that service? There are others, surely one of the others does work.

I was trying to avoid using Tidal or Amazon almost just on general principle to avoid whoever is the biggest or the default/assumed option. If I end up on Tidal now, Deezer can’t blame anyone else but themselves. Fix your broken website.

Update, signed up successfully through my phone.