Could we have the option to designate some playlists as "safe" so the content doesn't affect flow

  • 4 October 2018
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So my kids are too young for a family account (2 and 4). But to keep them happy on a trip I'll download their one album they listen to.

But that does mean I get flows influenced by the jungle book!

It would be great if I could say stuff their songs in a playlist that is "quarantined" i.e. I can play it without fear playing the jungle book 10 times in row in the car will screw up my flow 😉. Or maybe that could be an option for any playlist so my guilty pleasures don't slip into my flow either.

I realise you want to promote your family options too, and once they are a bit older that would definitely be an option for me. But maybe there could just be two or three safe folders with up to 1000 tracks like any other folder.

Would love to have some kind of option to do this

2 replies

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Hi there, we have kids profile in our family subscription, have a look!

Their profiles will not influence on your own profile.
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Bit late to reply (!) but as I have a HiFi tariff, there is in fact no family subsciption available to me at the quality I want.

So, I would suggest either offering one for the HiFi users, or give us HiFi users the option of a "Kids" playlist that your algorithms ignore for flow.