Changing my Deezer account country

  • 7 November 2017
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I have a family account. to cancel current subscription, then re-subscribe will involve re-logging in on each device. Between just my wife and daughter they have 4 phones... to do this on all devices we are talking about hours of admin. Surely there is an easier way?

Its ridiculous and heavily time consuming for a family to cancel and re-subscribe.
Sure this is possible but a bit tricky I would say . You have to do the following :

-Cancel your current subscription
-Wait until the month is over ( Until the day renew the payment)
-Login to your account as always and renew your subscription (while located in the country you are actually based in)

Now you'll have the right account country .


Thx for the answer, but that means that if I've moved from the UK back to Israel and I re-subscribe in Israel, I'll lose some of the songs due to licensing, and if I re-subscribe back in the UK, it means that I'll pay more than the amount I'd pay in Israel.
I want to change mine too... I don't like the suggestions that Deezer does for me, based in my country's top musics... it really sucks and it's not my style! I would like to change to USA or London for example...
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Hi there @fnonaka

You'll need to be in the country and resubscribe, so that the app recognises the IP address. The subscription would then be charged accordingly.