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  • 13 November 2017
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Hi @Marco Arcila try the steps above or contact our support team here 😉

My surname has changed. I have changed the details in my account but my overall Deezer account still has the old surname. Can you tell me how o update it? 


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Hello @Susan Wieland, is Wieland your previous surname or the new one? If you’ve changed it as shown in the best answer on this topic, it’s possible it takes some time to be synchronised everywhere.

Have a nice day!

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, the username changing procedure described above works only for the Deezer account, but does not affect the username on the Deezer community web site (even though I select "Login using your Deezer account"). I was successful in changing my Deezer username, however, the username in this (community) web site persists with the old username. Is there a way to make the username change in my Deezer account reflected in my Deezer community account?

Hi there, I didn't know that you were talking about your Community username. Would you mind sending me a private message? Happy to check what I can do 🙂



Hello, Anja. I tried to dm you because I’m facing the same issue, but I didn’t find the message button. Also, it looks like you’re not a mod anymore, am I right? Can anyone help? Maybe @Kevin Deezer ... I changed the username in Deezer Web some months ago but in the community forum it’s still the same...

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Hey @mmmDrops I’ve sent you a PM. Please reply there and I’ll help you with your request :)