Can't sign in on Dezeer's desktop app

  • 30 April 2021
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Hello there, I got Deezer premium today and on mobile it’s working just perfectly but when I try to sign in on Deezer App I downloaded on Microsoft Store it leads me to sign-in on deezer website through the browser. And then I sign-in there, and then it says: “Authenticator. You’re in!” and then browser requires me to find Deezer App on desktop to open Deezer link and there’s the problem. The shortcut of Deezer app is not being recognized by it, and I can’t find the folder of Deezer itself because it’s hidden in Windows Apps. So how do I actually sign in to Deezer windows app?

1 reply

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Hi @razorvh95 apologies for the delay.
Do you still have issues or you were able to login to the desktop app?
Thanks :)