Can't pay my subscription

  • 10 September 2019
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Hello, I got a question regarding my payment.

Lately when I ran out of some money on my bank card which is tied to account, there was a null money, and when the day of payment came, the deezer sent me a message about occurred error connected with payment. After this I went to setting of my subscription and wanted to pay this again, but have got a error which is inform to me that I need to update my bank requisite, but they are correct! Long story short, now every day since that unsuccessful payment day, I see the message that I have to pay for the subscription, but I can't so far, because the deezer display me to update my requisites

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been solved.
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3 replies

been solved.

Please help me with payment

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Hi there @ousus 

For help with your payments, please contact our support team here for further help :wink: