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  • 5 December 2018
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if my hair wasn’t so short I would be pulling it out by now... All I want to do is add a photo of my ugly mug to my account profile. I have Googled a question asking how, and when I try doing what the answer says I should do, it never works! This may seem a trivial problem but I really do want to add a photo to my profile. Any help that will allow me to complete this simple (supposedly) task will be really appreciated. Thanks, Thorvald from Manchester 🙂

5 replies

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Please, Thorvald, do not pull you hair out!
See below how to add a photo in your profile.


  • Click on My Music
  • Hover over your profile picture
  • Click when the camera comes up camera.PNG
  • Browse through your documents and select your picture

How can I change my profile picture ?
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Hi there @Kyana

Please see above 😉
Why I couldn’t put a profile pic ?
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Hi there @Darkparadise

You need to have access to a PC 😉