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I bought an Astell & Kern KANN Cube player and signed up for a Hi-fi Deezer subscription. The Deezer version on your device is 0.8. This device is connected to a Premium+subscription. I can't link my device to HiFi in my account.

Jaime. 1 month ago

Hi @yodekid I have asked our developers and they told me that the issue comes from the onboard browser of the device. I am afraid this is an issue on Astell & Kern side.
Apologies for the inconvenience 

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Hello @Dmitry.Sadimov,  does the other Premium subscription belongs to you?

Have a nice day

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Hi Kevin, 


Please assist, I have the same issue here with the HiFi & also Wi-Fi integration with my Astell&Kern SE200. 

Attaching a screenshot, I have a HiFi acct on my mobile & laptop, need to find out how to get my AK to get updated to the right version, is this an AK firmware issue & should we request AK an update or can you assist us? I believe most AK users are facing the same issue.

Thank you. 


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Hi @rram, in this case you should contact Astell&Kern support and check if there is any update and confirm with them why you don’t see your HiFi subscription in their app.
Please let me know how it goes



I just tried to sign in to Deezer via My acct on the A&K Kaan Cube as well. Same thing, total refusal to sign in, yet all my other devices work fine for log-in. All updates are current.


Any ideas ?



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Hi @uptildawn53 you can’t sign in at all or you have the same problem as other users above regarding HiFi? Can you please send a screenshot?



I sent before and after log-in attempt images. The 1st pic, being after the log-in attempt.


I tried my regular account info, via an email address which works fine on all my other devices and then I tried the FB link and that even failed.




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Thanks for the info @uptildawn53 
Have you contacted AK support already regarding the issue? What did they say?


No, I just got the unit this week ...I guess I'll try to contact Astell&Kern next week.

An update


( To note, A&K’s suggestion did not work, as I’d already done everything they suggested a couple times to no avail ) 


From A&K ( Dec 16th 2020 )


Hello Dale, 


Thank you very much for contacting Customer Support. 


After further verification, the embedded Deezer application only supports the Deezer Premium subscription. 


Or KANN Cube user will be able to download APK - Deezer file: here


and complete the installation procedure through Open APK Feature instruction: here


We hope the information outlined above is able to offer additional product insights for your reference. 


On Tue, Dec 15, 2020 at 7:00 PM Dale Bennett <> wrote:

Hi there


I initially wrote this email one month ago ( Nov 15 2020 ), and have yet to receive a response ? So I’m forwarding the same message hoping that as a product owner of one on your products ‘ A&K Kann Cube ‘, I’ll get an appropriate and timely response this time. Plz see below:


A&K Systems - Nov 15 2020


Hi there


I purchased a mint condition, pre-owned Kaan Cube, and I'm having issues ~w ' Deezer ' logging in .. Deezer logs in on all my other devices just fine, but refuses to log in via the Kaan Cube. Please advise.

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@uptildawn53 You are still getting the same error?
Have you reset your password and tried again?

I just bought an AK25 having returned an earlier unit as faulty because it won't log on to Deezer. Is the 3 month trial the issue because nothing works at all. I will go to Tidal reluctantly if I must.

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Hi @yodekid 

Do you get the same error message mentioned above?
Can you please provide a screenshot?


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Hi @yodekid I have asked our developers and they told me that the issue comes from the onboard browser of the device. I am afraid this is an issue on Astell & Kern side.
Apologies for the inconvenience 

I heard the same. Waiting for a firmware update.

This is new: When I start my Astell & Kern Kann Cube trying to listen to some music via deezer the deezer app crashes. I did not have this problem in the past. Everything was fine and working. Now it`s impossible to listen to deezer-music.

The only thing special about me is that I have tagged lots of albums I like. Is this the reason for the crashes?

My A&K Kann Cube system version is 1.33CM - the newest.

I don’t know how to communicate to A&K that this issue exists.

Any ideas? Please.

A & k promised a software patch in May as neither Tidal or Deezer can launch due to software changes at thr host. No sign of it yet, I just returned mine for full refund.

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As an owner of an Astell & Kern SR15, I can tell you that i download Deezer versions from apkmirror using armeabi-v7a for android kit kat or higher . It works fine, no issue at log in , have HiFi enabled but don’t have “don’t recommend this song” option in menu .

The version of Deezer included is too old, I don’t use it.