Annual Subscription in Australia

  • 26 October 2018
  • 6 replies

What is the annual subscription in Australia and how do I pay one time annual membership?

6 replies

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Hi there! About the annual subscription, you can get all the info you need here 😉
Hi there,

I live in New Zealand and would prefer an annual subscription, but right clicking on the above "here" gives me an error: "You're not authorised to access this page"

Can you please answer or provide the above link
Just found out that you can get an annual subs if you are a new subscriber, which I am. I am trying the 1 month for free, but because of that I am not allowed to get the 1 year subs.
Surely an annual subs can be given to people, who are first trying out Deezer before purchasing.
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Hey @vineetsagar! Annual subscription costs 10 months instead of 12. Before signing up to the Annual Plan, customers must cancel their current subscription and wait until the end of the subscription rights period (the current subscription) ;)
@RobertP I have checked your account and I could see your current subscription is via iTunes. In this case you have to cancel your iTunes subscription first. Once the month you have already paid for expires, your account will go into "free" mode and then you'll be able to subscribe to an annual plan.
Thank you Alessandra, have cancelled my subscription and wait till it switches over to "free" mode