Problems with Chromecast yet again!!!!!!!

What a joke. Even the recent update hasn't solved the problem with Google cast. Anyone out there from Deezer listening? And please don't ask the usual silly questions just admit that there is still a problem and get it fixed!

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Yes it's unbelievable that this is not sorted yet. Deezer should really be charged under the trade descriptions act , they are still advertising that Deezer Hi-fi is available on Google Chromecast and it clearly is not
I've cancelled my hi-fi subscription until this is resolved, but I'm beginning to think I won't be re subscribing because there appears to be no effort or will from Deezer to sort this out.
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Same here. It‘s the 3rd consecutive Update were the issue has not been solved. Will cancel my subscription as well.
Same here, I tried everything, but nothing works, since the last update my chromecast even freezes and reboots when switching tracks...