Loading issue on iOS devices (FIXED)

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Good morning, I can not open Deezer on my phone anymore. It's a problem, since I've always paid the subscription on time. If by tomorrow the problem will not be solved I will send cancellation.

Best answer by Flo.Deezer 19 November 2018, 10:32

Hi everyone, we have released a new version of the app which fixes this problem. Please make sure you have 6.45.1 installed.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

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Hi there, sorry for my reply in English, but we do not support Italian as a language here. Can you please explain on which device this is happening and what exactly you are seeing?
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Ho un iPhone 7. Non si apre l’app. Non so cosa aggiungere.
My deezer is for a long time on a screen with the says “no action is required, your subscription request is being processed” and it loads and loads and nothing changes

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Hi @Livia Mota

are you using Apple iOS device? If so there's a know issue that Deezer are working on to fix asap - see here: -
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I have a problem with my deezer, every time i open the deezer app, it buffers the message that is located in the attachment of this message. I have money on my account which is connected to my deezer so i dont kno

w what is the problem?
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continuo a non riuscire ad aprire Deezer sul mio telefono, un iPhone 7. Non posso pagare un abbonamento per un servizio che non funziona. Sono un vostro cliente soddisfatto da 2 anni, ma se il problema non verrà risolto a breve mi vedrò costretto a dare disdetta e ad abbonarmi alla concorrenza.
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Da ieri quando apro Deezer sul telefono compare questa schermata.
Why isn’t my deezer working on one of my devices and keeps saying “ your subscription request is being processed” ?
Hi my deezer app in my iphone its not loading
have the message that is processing my account for billing

i already did everything deleted reinstalled but nothing worked
Livia Mota wrote:


This doesn't really help anyone, Deezer are awful at solving things like this, are we just suppose to wait for the problem to be solved? This is so frustrating
since the latest update my app isn’t working on my iPhone since yesterday,


Deezer! I have three days hanging a message and I can not go into the application. what is the problem?
I wish I saw this before I deleted the app along with the 42 GB of offline music I had downloaded. Please fix this! I’m paying for nothing now.
Absolutely pathetic. Deezer has the worst apps and software going... seriously thinking of switching to Spotify. 7 hour journey ahead of me and you can’t sort this out overnight? Pathetic
I have a premium account. A couple of days ago I opened Deezer on my iPhone 7 (with latest iOS) and saw this:

Since then the problem persists. App reinstall doesn’t help. Neither do disabling VPN.

Can I get help on this?
duplicate of this
This problem has appeared 3 days ago. When I try to enter in the application, I see this: "No need of additional actions. Your request is under processing." On my PC (Windows 10) everything works good.
How can I fix this?

MPO33 wrote:

I wish I saw this before I deleted the app along with the 42 GB of offline music I had downloaded. Please fix this! I’m paying for nothing now.

🙂 I'm too...
Hi. I cannot seem to get into my app on my iPhone. I clicked the Deezer app but it shows a revolving circle and says "No action required. Your subscription request is being processed". It has been like this for 3 hours. I have removed the app, reinstalled but it is doing the same thing. How can I get back into my deezer app on my iPhone please.
Hello. Today I've updated my IOS's Deezer app. After that I cannot log in to my application. I've tried to log in using mobile network. Wi-Fi )3 different networks) and VPN. Nothing changed. Iphone SE, IOS 12.1

I have a problem with connection of the app

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Update 15th November
Our developers have found the cause of the problem and a hotfix is pending approval from Apple.
We will update this article as soon as the new version is available.

13th November
We are currently experiencing an issue with the latest version of the Deezer iOS app (v6.45).
Some customers who have paid for Deezer via the App Store (iTunes) are experiencing loading issues.
Our teams are working to find the underlying cause of the issue. We will update you as soon as possible.