Deezer on VOLVO Sensus

Hello, Just got my brand new Volvo XC90... No DEEZER on the in-car appz 😞 Doe anybody have any idea if this ever will come to VOLVO Sensus again ? Because apparently it already has been there. I really don't want to switch to Spotify or to Apple Car Play.

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Best answer by Rafael. 30 December 2017, 16:16

Hi @KoenV Volvo XC90 is not on our list of devices we support, but you can try using bluetooth 🙂

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Hi @KoenV Volvo XC90 is not on our list of devices we support, but you can try using bluetooth 🙂
I would also be keen to know whether Deezer would be available via Sensus again - it’s so much more user friendly than the others and to use via Sensus rather than Bluetooth would be more streamlined. Please could Deezer consider it in the future? So we don’t all switch to Spotify!
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Hi @ehabba , some users have already suggest it and we passed on to our devs. Hopefully soon it will be available 🙂
A Deezer App on Volvo Sensus would be really cool. No more Spotify ...
Hi, @Rafael. I have a volvo V90 with Sensus. No native app, so I have to use Android Auto, but honestly it is useless because features are too limited (e.g. can't play my fav tracks in a specific order, no search, ...). I've tried Spotify, it is much more user friendly....
Please get Deezer back on Sensus ASAP! - Otherwise i might have to jump to Spotify! YES they are on Sensus!😣
Please Deezer develop the version compatible with Sensus ASAP. I would like to change my signature to Spotify and I can't understand the reason why there is NO Deezer app available for my new Volvo.
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We are happy to pass this on 😉
I'm in the same boat. Just bought a Volvo S90 with a lovely B&W audio system and am testing apps to see what audio I will be using. Spotify is on Sensus, Deezer is not, so I am doing a Spotify trial.

Also, it doesn't work with Android Auto, the other option that Volvo offers. There's a separate thread in the Deezer community on this, so look for that if you're also having that issue. They basically tell us to clear the app cache and/or just connect via Bluetooth. No thanks.

The XC90 and XC60 are two very popular cars in the US among the demographic of "people willing to pay $20/month for high-quality streaming music." So I'd really suggest Deezer app team consider fixing the Android Auto bug and/or integrating with Sensus.
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Hi @Jeremy.Brann thanks for your feedback! We are happy to forward this to the relevant team!
Also, in case the dev team is saying the Android Auto bug is fixed, it isn't. Cleared cache, rebooted my Pixel 2 (running stock Android) and still got this yesterday:

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The issue you are experiencing might be resolved by clearing the cache on your Android device. You can do this by following the below instructions:

  • Go to Settings > General > Application Manager > Open Deezer
  • Click on Force Stop and then Clear cache
  • Turn off on your device and log back in
As you confirmed that you cleared the cache, but it didn't work, please try the following steps:

  • Delete and re download the Deezer application
  • Ensure you have enough memory on your device
  • Ensure you have a strong internet connection.
Let me know if it helps!
Just got my new Volvo V90 cross country, would really like to find Deezer amongst available apps for on board sensus system.

I don't want to bluetooth my phone for music, the car is connected herself with additional SIM card so there is no need to drain the phone battery and data for listening to my music! I know there is Spotify available, but I'm a long term Deezer user, so please do something!