Account Temporarily Blocked

Due to high usage in the last hour..Come on Deezer this is ridiculous, How else can you complie a playlist without listening to a lot of songs ... I can’t believe I pay for this service only for you to block the account.

Absolutely rubbish, I am seriously considering cancelling and moving to Amazon as part of my prime membership...

Not Happy...

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Hi there, I have to say that I'm not familiar with this message. Could you please share an image of it? I can investigate it for you!
Sorry, I can’t send an image as it is only a temporary block... but appears to be a standard Deezer issue which is not great as I pay for this service.... other people have posted their annoyance

"your play count was unusually high during the last hour" - account blocked

... not great Deezer as in order to compile a playlist for a party you have to listen to lots of music including vatious different mixes of the same song... to have an account blocked because you are listening to music on a subscribed streaming is ridiculously restrictive
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Are you talking about the sonos app?

Skipping tracks or moving the progress bar on the Sonos player counts as being a new song. There is a limit of 150 songs per hour on the system as a security measure to avoid account sharing. This is the reason why this happened to you.

Kindly note that the measure only locks the Sonos player for an hour, but you can still use the service in all the other platforms.