Account Temporarily Blocked

Due to high usage in the last hour..Come on Deezer this is ridiculous, How else can you complie a playlist without listening to a lot of songs ... I can’t believe I pay for this service only for you to block the account.

Absolutely rubbish, I am seriously considering cancelling and moving to Amazon as part of my prime membership...

Not Happy...

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Hi there, I have to say that I'm not familiar with this message. Could you please share an image of it? I can investigate it for you!
Sorry, I can’t send an image as it is only a temporary block... but appears to be a standard Deezer issue which is not great as I pay for this service.... other people have posted their annoyance

"your play count was unusually high during the last hour" - account blocked

... not great Deezer as in order to compile a playlist for a party you have to listen to lots of music including vatious different mixes of the same song... to have an account blocked because you are listening to music on a subscribed streaming is ridiculously restrictive