11 Tips and Tricks for Deezer Music Fans on Android

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1. Sort it Out

For music fans that find comfort in order from A to Z. Sort out playlists by tracks, albums, artists or recently played in alphabetical order.

2. Magic Pen

Find the pen icon within your playlist and make all the edits as you see fit, such as changing the name of your playlist, adding a description, picture or removing the order of tracks. You can even change your playlist to private so no one else can see what you want to hear.
Available for all Deezer users.

3. Shuffle My Music

For those that like to be surprised - shuffle play all music in your personal library. For paying subscribers, shuffle downloaded tracks, even in offline mode. Users can see upcoming tracks in the queue.

4. The Song That Keeps on Giving

One song can inspire an entire playlist. Or in this case infinitely. Let “song mix” suggest a blend of tracks to match the song that you’re listening to based on the artist and genre that you are listening to at that moment.
Available only for Beta users in Deezer Labs. Become and Android beta tester.

5. DJ Trick of the Trade

Why wait those extra seconds in between a new song, when you can be your own personal DJ and “crossfade” the songs you want to hear. Choose up to 10 seconds before the last track ends to seamlessly transition to the next song that you want to hear.
Available only for Beta users in Deezer Labs. Become and Android beta tester.

6. Night Pause

When it’s time to enter Dreamland, give your ears a break with a “sleep timer” that automatically stops playing music and puts your music in sleep mode.
Available in Deezer Labs.

7. Audio Quality

As music is a personalised experience, we’ve equipped users the option to select the sound quality that matches their individual needs. Under settings - Users that want to save on data can listen in “compact” mode and adjust audio quality to reduces data usage or select “balanced,” and listen with available WiFi or choose “better,” which streams in the highest audio quality that is available for the user.
For music fans that want to choose based on available networks can select - “custom,” giving users the chance to stream or download over mobile networks and WiFi in either “Basic,” “Standard” or “High Quality.”

8. Lyrics

You don’t need to go to a karaoke bar to have your own private jam session. Deezer lyrics from Lyric Find gives music fans the freedom to belt out their favorite songs whenever and wherever their heart desires.

9. SongCatcher

You know that frustrating moment when you can’t remember the name of a song or heard a great song in a bar and wish you knew who that was? Deezer SongCatcher to the rescue! Identify unknown tracks and save to your existing playlists.

10. Short Cut

Save a little time and use Deezer’s “force touch,” to take you directly to SongCatcher or to play your personal Flow. Just hold down the Deezer icon and choose between these two options.

11. Deezer Labs

For music fans that want to be the first to test out new features, check out Deezer Labs and be the first among your friends to know the ins and out on new experimental and beta features.

Tell us what is your favorite 😍

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Nice tips !
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I can't wait to get SongCatcher on my iPhone too! At the moment is only available on Android 🙂


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