MIX Inspired by

MIX Inspired by


One of the best ways to get to know new artists, new beats and new trends in music that agree with our tastes is to be inspired by the artists we've already heard.

Which is why we are relaunching MIX INSPIRED BY… (ex Track Mix)

How does it work?
1- Open your Music ♫ tab, under Mixes inspired by, select a song. 

The songs are taken from your Favorite tracks and the tracks you've been streaming recently. 

Tip🚨: The songs list will refresh regularly.

2- Search for a song Select the song from the Tracks (or Top Result) section of the
results page. At this point the mix will be started and similar songs to the chosen track
will follow

Tip💡: If you still want the confort of listening to more of the songs you know, Flow might still be the better option for you.

Take the opportunity to explore a new world of music based on your personal taste.
Explore our mixes and share with us a new tune that you discovered thanks to it. 


can I hide this feature from home page?

In app the "Made for you" list is under the Mixes inspired by list, why did this happened? 


(Sorry for my bad English).

I’ve been giving these mixes a good try since yesterday, and it feels like something has changed behind the scenes because the suggestions now are superb. How’s everyone else finding them so far?

I noticed this new feature today and have listened to a couple of the suggestion. I must say I love i so far. I dont know if you have done something with the algorithm but it feels more fine tuned.

How do we reduce the prominence of this feature on the home page? I am not a fan and don’t plan to use this feature.

Like it!

Is it similar to track mix? 

Is it similar to track mix? 

Yep. It is the same.