"Your details are incorrect. Please try again."

  • 2 February 2020
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I think this is probably the last straw with this buggy software - probably not gonna continue my subscription. 


But I thought I’d post here if anyone else has the same issue.


My windows app logged me out, and when trying to log back in it says “Your details are incorrect. Please try again”.


I can login using those details just fine on my phone (android) and on the web app. I’ve tried resetting and using a new password, it says the same thing.


Back to Spotify. Byeeeee

3 replies

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Hey @marcusd ! Sorry to hear this :/ Can you please delete the desktop app and download it again from www.deezer.com/download? Please make sure you use Chrome or Firefox when you do ;) 

I have same problem. Latest version install but still same problem. I am terminating my order. And I wonder why you cant help in Finnish?  Otherwise it woukd be good servige. But, if such problems are encounted no thanks. Could you cancel my order. Thank you.

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Hey @Heviukko 

Thanks for reaching out. Apologies we're unable to provide support in Finnish.

I encourage you to contact our Customer Care team in order to get some dedicated assistance: