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  • 7 September 2021
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I would like to get a link for direct download of  5.30.50 version for x64OS.

I have troubles with the app installed from the store.

Deezer constantly crashes.


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8 replies

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Hey @Andrey Vasin 

check this please:

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Hi, I already found this one in support topics.

I thought it should be x64 version.

I installed this, but I can’t login at this moment.

Is there any problems at your server?

I can’t use any app (android, web, desktop)

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@Andrey Vasin

Yes, actually some problems with servers… But it should work now.

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Yes, now I logged in.

Will see if it helps for the crushes.


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 I thought it should be x64 version.

There is no separate 64bit version of the Deezer desktop app, as far as I know.

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Not yet but it's on our radar @bluezzbastardzz @Andrey Vasin @dee_dirk perhaps we'll try something designed for the M1 as well.

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Hi again.

After two days, I can say that this version ( 5.30.50 ) is stable.

No crashes.

And it doesn’t ask me to login again and again as it was with the app from microsoft store.

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It seems that we're getting somewhere! @Andrey Vasin 

Thanks for your reports. And don't forget to join our desktop app group here in the community!