Windows 10 App v. 4.0.5: keeps crashing when skipping songs

  • 22 December 2018
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So, I have to say, I'm pretty disappointed with the quality of your apps on different platforms.

I won't mention the one on my Samsung smart TV (which is utter c***).

My main concern is with the Windows 10 app. It was working fine up until recently, when it was updated to be the same as the desktop app, version 4.0.5.

Everything was fine on the old one. The new one keeps crashing every other song I skip. This is happening on two different systems (intel and AMD CPUs), both on windows 10. One on the latest version, the other one a few months behind (need to keep stable build for software development reasons).
Both systems are now showing the same issue.

Either fix it, or bring back the old app, which was working perfectly fine.

4 replies

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Our developers are aware of this issue and are currently working on fixing it. I'm sorry about that!
I have same issue.
Win 10 Pro v1803
Deezer v4.0.5

The crash is silent (no notification; just exits). Also seems to be random - some times after playing 1 song, other times it will play 10 songs then just die.

Happy to beta test any updates you may have, since at the moment this is pretty frustrating...

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Hi @sbrown1 is the app installed on your C drive or another one? Not installing the app on C drive caused some problems for some users.
Sorry I didn't get a notification of this reply. However, credit where it's due - Deezer v4.1.1 auto installed the other day, and I don't get this issue any more... 😁