Will there be an update with Alexa skills as having no playlists option?

  • 19 December 2018
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So I have switched from Amazon music and I have transferred all my playlists (which took a long time)

I ask Alexa to play my playlists as I have done when using amazon or spotify and it doesn't work. How can a streaming service as big as deezer not allow streaming of playlists?

All my speakers are Alexa enabled and I have multi room, so having no playlist means I wont even use the damn thing

Please somebody must know

Best answer by Rafael. 20 December 2018, 10:59

Hi Dave, user-created playlists are not a feature yet, but our devs are working on it! Please see all features here. 😉
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15 replies

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Hi Dave, user-created playlists are not a feature yet, but our devs are working on it! Please see all features here. 😉
As long as it is being worked on, as this is such a huge part of what users want from a streaming subscription.

Really hope it's soon
In the hope that someone is listening: probably the best music service I have trialed (I have been through them all) but the lack of playlist support on Alexa is a reason not to subscribe. Also, no support for family members on Alexa does not help when you have 3 kids with their own Echo Dots. Guess I am stuck with Apple Music.....
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Hi there @geoffbudge

Our team is more than listening - we should expect a lot of work from our devs this year. We'll keep you updated 😉
When is the Alexa playlist update coming? Surely there must be a plan for it ?
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Hi there @davesally5

We haven't got a date for it yet. Our devs explained one of our focus this year is to improve your experience when using devices like the Echo for example. So we know it's been worked on.
As soon as I've got an update, I'll let you know 😉
Wanted a smart speaker to play my PAID £10 a month subscription to Deezer.

Saw that Alexa now supports Deezer.

Bought a Sonos One for £200.

Cant even play my playlists using Alexa.

Truly rediculous that this functionality isn't already included. What's more shocking is the apparent lack of urgency from Deezer to address the issue. It's like you've released a half baked skill just so you can advertise that Alexa supports Deezer. Oh wait, that's exactly what you've done.

Would my experience have been better if I bought a Google Home Max? Or is the integration just as poor with Google assistant?

Easiest Solution to my problem? Cancel my Deezer subscription and sign up for Spotify.

Cya later Alligator. One of many customers making the jump!

From reading this thread I gather it isn’t yet possible to play user created playlists via Alexa which, as others have said, is pretty poor considering we pay for ‘Premium’ service and that Deezer have advertised the fact the service is now compatible with Amazon Alexa, forgetting to mention that one of the main features is t actually compatible!

Having said that, I asked Alexa today to play one of my user created playlists via Deezer and it did work but would not play other playlists. The playlist in question is uniquely named so I know it wouldn’t be a similar Deezer created playlist and all of the songs were present.

Is is there any update on when we can expect to be able to play user playlists via Alexa and any suggestions as to why it will play one but not others?
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Hey @mikeandjenna

Thanks for your patience. The reason you can is because we're working on it, we want to make it work. Keep your Alexa app up-to-date and I'll come back once I get more info.
I'll take the feedback about your playlist but could you also post me a link for it?
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Topic created 5 months ago. First questions regarding topic over 1 year old.
Typical agile development sprint: 2 weeks.

Just admit it already @Rudi , the product owners are spending development time on everything else but user-created Playlist support for Alexa. Not just this past sprint, or the one before that, but for over a year all the early-adopters-hardcore-fanbase are being lied to. It's unbelievable that it even says in the deezer instructions page; Alexa, play my sundays Playlist. Nothing but lies. Steer clear people, deezer support/development are subjected to complete moronic management. Anything else is better.
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Hey @Tummie555

Our support page article was updated to reflect this. Alexa should support user-created playlists. Could you relink your account and test it for us? If it doesn't I'd check your language and location settings.
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HI @Rudi, sorry for the harsh language before, it really frustrating. As deezer customers, we are neglected by google assistant (in the netherlands) so we really need to use alexa.. Anyway I followed your instructions, even restarted the phone in between, but still am not able to use user-created playlists. I've setup a unique testing-name for my one of my playlists. Since this feature is location restricted, can you tell we what determines the location for this restriction? Is it the IP-address, or the location of deezer account? Perhaps the amazon account? I've set everything in amazon to America. Otherwise there's just 1% of functionality available in the netherlands.
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Hey @Tummie555

I understand your frustration as we've been monitoring the integration with Google Home/Alexa devices for a while and trying to expand as best as we can. We should see some improvements in the next few months and in the meantime you can try tweaking the location/language settings - although I can only recommend you to do this for test purposes.

Just brought myself the new Echo Dot with clock. One of the reasons for buying was so I could play my own Deezer Playlists through Alexa. However, when asking Alexa to play the majority of my playlists, it either doesn’t recognise them or plays something completely different. I’ve tried renaming a few of my playlists with very specific names, but still does not recognise them.


Are Deezer aware of this and working on a solution?


Otherwise, i’ll have to decide to either return the echo dot or cancel my Deezer subscription and go back to Spotify.

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Hey @matt.1986 ! Please find further info in this thread. I’m really sorry but user-created playlists cannot be played on Alexa yet, but our developers are working on this feature and hopefully it will be available soon :)