Will there be an update with Alexa skills as having no playlists option?

So I have switched from Amazon music and I have transferred all my playlists (which took a long time)

I ask Alexa to play my playlists as I have done when using amazon or spotify and it doesn't work. How can a streaming service as big as deezer not allow streaming of playlists?

All my speakers are Alexa enabled and I have multi room, so having no playlist means I wont even use the damn thing

Please somebody must know

Best answer by Rafael. 20 December 2018, 10:59

Hi Dave, user-created playlists are not a feature yet, but our devs are working on it! Please see all features here. 😉

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Hi Dave, user-created playlists are not a feature yet, but our devs are working on it! Please see all features here. 😉
As long as it is being worked on, as this is such a huge part of what users want from a streaming subscription.

Really hope it's soon
In the hope that someone is listening: probably the best music service I have trialed (I have been through them all) but the lack of playlist support on Alexa is a reason not to subscribe. Also, no support for family members on Alexa does not help when you have 3 kids with their own Echo Dots. Guess I am stuck with Apple Music.....
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Hi there @geoffbudge

Our team is more than listening - we should expect a lot of work from our devs this year. We'll keep you updated 😉
When is the Alexa playlist update coming? Surely there must be a plan for it ?
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Hi there @davesally5

We haven't got a date for it yet. Our devs explained one of our focus this year is to improve your experience when using devices like the Echo for example. So we know it's been worked on.
As soon as I've got an update, I'll let you know 😉
Wanted a smart speaker to play my PAID £10 a month subscription to Deezer.

Saw that Alexa now supports Deezer.

Bought a Sonos One for £200.

Cant even play my playlists using Alexa.

Truly rediculous that this functionality isn't already included. What's more shocking is the apparent lack of urgency from Deezer to address the issue. It's like you've released a half baked skill just so you can advertise that Alexa supports Deezer. Oh wait, that's exactly what you've done.

Would my experience have been better if I bought a Google Home Max? Or is the integration just as poor with Google assistant?

Easiest Solution to my problem? Cancel my Deezer subscription and sign up for Spotify.

Cya later Alligator. One of many customers making the jump!