What happend to the Friday new realease playlist??

  • 24 July 2020
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I have notice a couple of weeks ago that the Friday new realeases playlist based om my music is not working proberly. First of all it doesnt update on fridays(or very late on friday) and the button to sort the list like recent added or alphabetic is gone. Also the infotext dont say when its been updated like it did before ( e.g. updated 1 hour ago)


I really like it before, it was always looking forward to listen to new music on fridays but now its not woking properly. Im on Windows desktop app version 4.20.30


Best answer by Stiflrswe 24 July 2020, 14:26

Update: NOW its working fine, the new music has come… 2.30 pm, better late then never :) 

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7 replies

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Hi @Stiflrswe 

I’m on the same desktop version as you and mine is updating.  I can click on “Track” and it lets me sort as does “Artist”.


What country are you in? (perhaps there is a time delay before it gets updated to you?)


Also try clearing the cache and restarting the app.  If that doesn’t help try uninstalling, restarting your PC and re-installing.


Thanks for answer

I cleared the cache and reinstalled the app, but still not working. The playlist still have the same songs from last week, not updated.


I also noticed the name changed, from New realeases to Friday release.

Before there where always at least 10-20 new songs in there but latest there is not as much, and I know many of my favorite artists released new music today.

My location is Sweden.

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As a music fan myself I know how important it is to hear new music.

Usually, usually on my three week Deezer Premium journey, I find best new music using FLOW. It plays new music a lot. You can even see NEW banner when you click on release for the info. The playlist for that is great, but it updates not quite often enough. Perhaps they need to improve it?

It would be nice if this list could show when it was actually updated…

In a matter of Sweden, I am your neighbour from Finland, and when I visited Stockholm first time -- it was adventurous. I visited Spotify headquarters in 2014. At this time I was big fan of Spotify and on their community, so they asked me over. I canceled them since 2016 for GM, but now Deezer offer.

Stay strong and keep listening new music. With Deezer I hear it all the time.

I was not able to hear new songs on Google Music or Spotify as much as I wanted.

Perhaps Deezer can do a little thing to improve automatic lists, for example I can’t see when they were updated last time, and this way I have no clue how fresh it is to listen. I expect that daily lists are updating daily, and new songs of friday, but this info would fix the concerns we have.

With Deezer I hear NEW songs daily, you just need to learn how to use it effectively.

I am sorry for my adventurous English, it may be not right all the time, as I learned it myself on the forums back in the days haha chatting and answering, reading and following topics I like.

In the end this is the only way to learn, but only if you want to. Anything Deezer as well.

The issue here is that the Friday playlist always worked fine before, but not anymore. Something has changed, maybe someone from Deezer have some answer?


I use Flow alot and like it for the most part. Sometimes I like to shuffle my own music as well as I have lots of music saved, almost 600 artists, 550 albums and thousands of songs :)

Update: NOW its working fine, the new music has come… 2.30 pm, better late then never :) 

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Update: NOW its working fine, the new music has come… 2.30 pm, better late then never :) 

Thanks for the update! I'll pass the feedback on to the right team anyway, we weren't aware of this delay...

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So just back from the 4 hours in spa and sems like my new friday music playlist has been updated as well. What better than new music in HQ, good pizza, sugar free coke and loud hard dance new.

Deezer completed my day. It seems like it updated similar time in Sweden and Finland.