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  • 15 December 2018
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When I change the volume on my windows 10 pc a Deezer banner appears in the top left corner of the screen. How do I remove this?

This happens while using the Deezer desktop application.

I understand its usefulness but there should be a way to turn it off. It can be quite obnoxious for users.

Best answer by Rafael. 20 December 2018, 15:06

Hi there! Some people reported the same and we have already passed the feedback on to our devs 🙂
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12 replies

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Hi there, could you please provide a screenshot directly on here? Did you download the app from our website or through the Microsoft Store?
Hello, I downloaded the app from your website.

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Hi there! Some people reported the same and we have already passed the feedback on to our devs 🙂
Not meaning to be rude but Spotif* had this solved ages ago 😛 😛 In the display options, you could turn of the setting "Show desktop overlay when using media keys", to reduce the volume banner.
However I could not find this setting in Deezer, nor in the generals Windows 10 setting. Until @Rafael. and Deezer staff figure this out, one suggestion to you @Timelordz would be to reduce the time of Windows notifications to the minimum (5 sec) in the general Windows setting: Ease of access > Display.
Hi Deezer,

Any progress?
I would also like this to be addressed. I know it's MS Windows who introduced this, but it's just pain - If you are working on something, you need to wait 5 second which is like forever if you need to click something below that.

Ideally a setting that Francois has mentioned (that S* has) would be awesome - as someone might like this.
Or just raise this with Microsoft if needed - it's their mess!

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Hi there @bladesan

Sorry about not having an update.
Thanks for the feedback, duly noted 😉

I would love this option too because this overlay is really annoying.

Any update? It has been already for 4 moths from first issue about this.
And why this topic marked as "Solved"?
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Hey @NICK1993

We haven'd had progress on this but make sure your app is up-to-date!
The topic gets marked as solved when a reply is defined as the best answer - but this is also used to update all users in the topic, so it doesn't count as 'solved' to Deezer because of that.
Any update? It's been half a year since the OP. It would be really good if this got bumped up the priority list, that desktop overlay is a real hindrance as far as I'm concerned.
When will the desktop overlay be removed?
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Hi there @DrCat @Lucas Hipólito

Thank you for bumping this suggestion. I'll be passing the feedback on to our desktop app team.