• 11 September 2021
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Mijn account is verbonden met mijn GSM en laptop.

Ik kan niet verbinden met apparaat android van mijn partner onder zelfde gebruiker en paswoord.  Met de Deezer Premium kan je toch 3 apparaten verbinden?

Johan Antheunis 


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11 replies

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I hope I understood you correctly. Would you like to use one account on two devices at the same time?

Unfortunately this is not possible. Or only if the Deezer app is operated on a device in offline mode.


Ok. Genoteerd.

Andere klacht.

Tijdens het beluisteren van mijn muziek valt de streaming soms uit zijn er storingen in de weergave zowel via WIFI als 4G

Wat is de oorzaak?

Johan Antheunis

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Android or iPhone?



I  refer to my reply since last Friday

Android or IPhone

Mine is  an Android...

And about my first question. With Deezer Premium possibility to connect 3 devices.  Deezer on my wife's Android cannot make connection and she listens to Deezer not at the same  time with mine.  She alone listens than to Deezer.  What is the probleem about the connection than?


May I have an answer please 


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Hi @antheunis 

Deezer app is up to date?

Is it stored on the SD card or in internal storage?

Prior to this issue, did Deezer work normally on your wife's Android?

I let you know after verification



I uninstalled the Deezer App on my wife's android and reinstalled it again.  Everything is back in order.

What persists is the interference that occurs when listening to music both via WIFI and 4G.  I don't have that problem when listening to radio stations via TuneInRadio for example.  I'd love to see that resolved since I can't enjoy any of the full CD except with a lot of glitches in the playback.  I mainly listen to classical music and a recording lasts an average of 45 minutes.

Our GSM's are both Androids.  I refer to my question 3 days ago and still got no reply on that…


Johan Antheunis 


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Hello @antheunis 

I'm sorry to hear that. I've already unlinked all the possible connected devices from your account. Also I've sent you an email with a link to reset your password. Please delete the app, download it again and reset your password before connecting to Deezer and everything should be OK,

Let me us know if the issue has been solved, please.

Otherwise we can provide you with some troubleshooting steps for your Android/iPhone.

Enjoy Deezer! :loudspeaker:


As requested in your email I have done the necessary.  I will run the test for a month and let you know if the issue is solved.  thanks in advance for your help

Johan Antheunis