Using multiple profiles on multiple Google Home devices

  • 5 April 2021
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New Family Subscriber here.  Because Google Play Music switched to YouTube Music, my kids (under 13) haven’t been able to listen to music on our (several) Google Home devices all in our house.  The Google Home devices know who they are by their voices and they each have a Google account/YouTube Music account.  Short of lying about their age to Google (to make them over 13), there’s no way for them to listen to music anymore.

So I’ve been looking at alternatives.  I tried Spotify and now Deezer.  But I think I’m going to have the same problems.  I know I can link a Deezer account, then select a profile in the Google Home app.  However, this is only a global change for the entire house.  So no matter what, if my son wants to play a song, it plays it on my account (thus messing up my recommendations and my scrobbles).

Is there a way to make it so that if the Google Home recognizes my son, daughter, or wife, it will automatically switch to their Deezer profile in my Deezer family account?  

If not, I’ll probably just cancel my Deezer account and go back to YouTube Music and change my children’s ages to 13.

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Hi @fuelvolts I Understand what you want but the only option at the moment is to switch profiles manually in the Google Home app as you can see in the following link:
You can always create independent profiles for the family account (minimum age for an independent free account is 16, but I guess you already know the workaround :point_up_tone2: ). 
You can find more info here:
I hope that helps :relaxed: