Toshiba smart TV error message

  • 30 November 2018
  • 34 replies

Every time it gets to the third song, when playing music through my new Toshiba smart TV, it will try to load up the song, but then come up with the error has occurred..... Any idea why please

34 replies

I have reset my password on my laptop,  unlinked on the TV, re-logged in, but the same error message returns. If after the error message disappears I select pause, it hangs up indefinitely with the loading/wait icon circling around. I have to restart the TV to remove it.

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Hi there @Jim Dawson 

Sorry for the tardy reply - it seems that your reply fell off our grid. Are you still experiencing these issues? Could you please provide me with the TV model?

No change. Basically it seems that Toshiba and Deezer are incompatible, but maybe it's worth another try. The model is 32W2863DB.

Deezer is on the menu, everything works until you press play- then….. nothing except the error message

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I'll be reporting your details to our devs @Jim Dawson. It's a shame but I hope we can get it sorted soon enough.

Hi, I have the same problem as above when I try playing a song on my TV. I've tried logging out on my phone and tv, switching off the router for 3 minutes and trying again but the error still occurs. The app can't be uninstalled, I don't know what version I have but the TV is a Toshiba 32WL3A63DB and it says its up to date. Can anyone help please ?

I have the same problem with my Medion TV. The app built in my TV. After third song application play nothing anymore. It's very sad, because I can't listen Deezer on my TV

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Hello @Dmytro Denysiuk, can you turn off the TV and check on, in Account Settings > My Applications if you see an app that corresponds to your TV? If that’s the case, delete it from the list, and try again using the app on your TV.

Let me know how it goes.

I’m having a problem setting up Toshiba TV the new one and I try Deezer it Loads for like 5 hours or 7hours then I did restart the Router and Restart the TV For like 3 or 5 times plz fix it.


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Hi @ShaafCool5362 the problem you are experiencing is related to this current problem: 

Apologies for the inconvenience