Sonos - Favourite button only works correctly for first 500 favourites on Deezer

  • 15 September 2020
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My Favourites playlist has just tipped over 500 tracks and I’ve now noticed that in the Sonos app (Sonos S2), the favourites button no longer works correctly for any new tracks that I favourite.


Favourite tracks #1-500: the favourite (heart) button correctly lights up to indicate that the track is a favourite. I can tap this button to remove it from my favourites if I like.


Favourite tracks #501 onwards: the favourite button remains unlit. If you tap it the app just says “The track was successfully added to your favourite tracks” again, but it still doesn’t light up. And this also means this button can’t be used to un-favourite anything from track #501 onwards.


36 replies

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Thanks for reporting this and displaying screenshots too @jamie_mot very nice work indeed!

I've reported to our teams who work with Sonos to see if they can reach out and find out more about it :v_tone2:

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Unfortunately I have exactly the same here. At first I thought that Sonos caused the problem. Sonos was very helpful by guiding me through many tests and diagnostics. The problem remained. I truly hope that Deezer solves this issue, which I would really prefer rather than changing over to a different music provider. Deezer, please help!!!

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Thank you for your patience @Atierik 

What Sonos system do you have? S1 or S2? I need that info to be sent to our developers :thumbsup_tone2:

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We have 2 units Play 5, which only work on S1. And one unit Play 1, standard on S1, but also compatibele with S2. Guided by a Sonos engineer we tried EVERYTHING, including a new S2 installation for the Play 1. 

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There could be a limitation on the number of favourites available to these devices @Atierik I'll dig deep to find out if that's accurate and will get back to you :thumbsup_tone2:

Thank you for your patience!

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It is probably useful, in your contacts with Sonos, to mention their reference under which they have booked this issue. It is case#: 02233072, handled by Tim W of Sonos Customer Care.

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Ok @Atierik 

So our devs got back to me and explained that there isn't a limit of favourites that can be marked via the Sonos app. Instead, there's a glitch with the display after 500, where the track actually goes to favourites but the button doesn't change.

This is an issue that they're looking into as part of our Sonos integration revamp. It'll take time but it's actually good news they're aware of this and will sort it out :relaxed:

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This issue is driving me crazy. Until I reached 500 favourites I was very happy with my Sonos equipment, together with Deezer as my music provider. But now I feel a bit disabled, so I urged Sonos several times to have this issue fixed. But Sonos keeps pointing their finger at Deezer. Now I have come to the point where I consider to make a change to Spotify. I really would rather stick to Deezer, but this problem is too annoying. Should I change to Spotify or is a system fix nearby? Please advise.

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Hi there @Atierik 

Thank you for your feedback, I surely understand your frustration.

I can tell you that we don't have a specific timeline for this yet but it's on our roadmap to improve the Sonos integration (not just that bit, but to include other cool Deezer features as well) in the next few months. All I can ask is for you to stay tuned to the community for future updates :pray_tone2:

Jesus Christ.  I pay a lot of money for this.  I have thousands of favorites, apparently no longer accessible via my sonos app?  WTF?

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Still waiting for the solution of the above menyioned issue of “500 favourites”. My patience is almost gone.

As off today I am not just annoyed but super-annoyed because now three more problems have popped up, when using Deezer within the Sonos-app. These three additional problems are:

  • None of my favourites are visible
  • When I select “Flow your personal mix” then no album images are shown
  • The heart-icon (favourite on/off) has disappeared.

How can I remain loyal to Deezer with these handicaps? Please respond.


The same for me since  today. No update to run, I have uninstalled the  sonos app., nothing Workday. Same from my wife phone.



This has happened to me as well. I’m just noticing it today. 

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What is the sonos app?

Agreed, my favorites are completely gone.  Can’t even browse the favs anymore via Sonos, which is what I typically do.  If not resolved soon, I’ll want a refund and will switch to Amazon streaming.  

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Everybody knows Spotify, but just few people are familiar with Deezer. I loved Deezer and therefore recommended it strongly to my family and friends. But my love for Deezer has died. Even when their features are very good, the product becomes useless if one has to wait that long (more than 5 months now), hoping that Deezer will solve the above problem. My hope was misplaced since the problem has multiplied, there are now even four unaccepable problems. Deezer left me no choice, so yesterday I quit my contract with them and subscribed to Spotify. Of course I can no longer recommend Deezer, at the contrary. What a shame.

I may have to do the same.  Although spotify streams at pretty poor quality relative to some of the other services.  I was going to look at Amazon, Tidal, and Qobuz.

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I agree with you about the quality, but my old ears (71 years) nowadays are less critical than when I was younger. Each disadvantage has its advantage :)

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I'm just seeing this discussion @Atierik @jsquance and I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.

We're still developing our Sonos revamp, that's why you won't see a bug fix for the favourites issue you mentioned above. Because we're working on the full experience as I explained. We should have updates about this very soon, as we're approaching the end of the first quarter of the year so I'll be updating the community as soon as I hear more about it.

In the meantime, please bear in mind that you're still adding tracks to your favourites, but it won't show the icon as it should. So I really need you to hang in there! It'll be worth it!

I have the same problem, hit the heart button and is states track added to favourites but it doesn’t actually save in my favourites 

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Hey @jim barry 

Thanks for adding to the discussion here. Have you double-checked the track on a Deezer mobile app?

Our devs are working on this, so it's just a matter of time :thumbsup_tone2:


i have noticed since that the track will add to favs but is randomly placed in there, it doesn’t show as the last track in the list so you have to search all through your favs to find it 

The heart does not show dark to denote the track is a fav track either so you have no idea if you have already saved it or not 

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Yes, Jim @jim barry that's the issue at the moment. The track actually gets added to the favourites, but the Sonos app doesn't display that.

It's our integration, it's a bit outdated, that's why we're working on a new one :relaxed:

Hang in there, and in the meantime, have a great weekend!

Good to hear it’s being worked on at least


what time frame we looking at for the update please?

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Because the work is also done with Sonos, we don't have a timeline yet @jim barry but I suspect we should have more information in the next couple of months. As soon as something comes up, I'll be sharing.

I've also asked for an update, so stay tuned. Have a great week!