sonos doesn’t work with deezer!

  • 20 October 2021
  • 3 replies

I Cannot Stream from my Deezer account on Sonos any longer. Did work excellent for years, but now it just says “my Numbers of playings the last Hour is to High” eventhough i havent played anything. Did contact Sonos, they say The problem is located at Deezer. Perhaps same kinda problem people experience with Bose etc…?

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3 replies

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Hey @kenneth.norup it might be related to the Global Security Certificate issue affecting Bose and other Devices as well.
Have you tried to listen again, 1 hour after getting that error message? or still the same problem?

Yes, i’ve tried several times, and got support from Sonos, who tried to help but without result. They say it’s out of their hands, but a problem at Deezer.  Tried to log out of all devices, reconnect the Sonos-app to Deezer, still no luck! Been a problem for about a week now. No problem playing Sonos radio or stream from Spotify, only Deezer is not working! If it can’t get fixed, it might be a goodbye to Deezer…

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Thanks for the update @kenneth.norup 
It is definitely related to the global security certificate then. 
I am really sorry about that and we are looking forward to a permanent fix. We have contacted all our partners (including Sonos) to let them know that an update is necessary from their end in order to solve the issue.
Apologies for all the inconvenience