Sonos - ALL songs skipping after about 50 seconds of play (both flow and playlists)

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Hi there @jon.spinks @Steveellis

It's supposed to be resolved. Could you please try to log out and reinstall the Sonos app to the latest version?
Keep me posted!
Are you saying log out of Deezer. Delete the Sonos App off my mobile then reinstall the app. Sorry if I’m a bit techno thick
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sorry about that! Our developers are in touch with Sonos and hopefully it will be fixed soon! We will keep you guys updated!
Many thanks. FYI I logged out and deleted Sonos app. Reinstalled the app. No difference whatsoever. I then used amazon service for the last two evenings without issue. For second evening I started on deezer and it skipped then went to amazon.
So I have progressed with my music skipping issue. I have a Sonos Beam in my living room. I instruct Alexa to play music in the dining room where I have a Sonos connect and my old audio system. The music from Deezer begins. It is skipping regular. So, whilst in the dining room, I start the Sonos app on my iPhone. I then get the message appear on the app 'unable to play set fire to the rain the connection to cdnt proxy was lost '. The music skips, next track begins and so it goes on with message appearing.
Now at this time I search on the app for Adele/or whatever and the interupt the playlist playing music selected on the phone . From then on the music does not skip. If you can assist as to why this is occurring I would be grateful. Incidentally my router is in an upstairs room and all wireless.
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Hi there @Steveellis

Thanks for the input and detailed info, I've passed this to our devs. We'll get back once I get an update.
Update. So my issue of skipping only seemed to occure when I requested Alexa to play the music in the dining room via my Sonos beam in the lounge. Called Sonos and they advised to go to my Alexa app. Go to the skills section. Disaasiate the deezer skill. Leave for 30 seconds or so. Then re learn the deezer skill. This, for some reason, seems to have solved my issue.
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Legend! Thanks for sharing, hopefully it can help more people 😉
For people having this problem with a decent sized Sonos system, the high bit rate provided by Deezer may be overloading the Sonos wireless signals. I had this problem. When I restricted playback to either a single set of speakers or only to wired speakers, the problem quickly went away.

With my system, there were several rooms running wirelessly (i.e. no wired connection)...In a couple of the rooms, I had access to wired connection, but never deemed them necessary (since I never had playback issues with other services). Once I wired them and reduced the total number of speakers running wirelessly, all was good!
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Thanks for sharing it!