Samsung TV App V 1.0.25

  • 28 April 2019
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Are there any plans to update the app on the Samsung app store? The current version is absolutely horrible. Its slow. I only get to see a 3rd of my favourite songs. There is no option to filter how i want the songs so im forced to listen to them in the order the app presents them. There is no easy list to scroll through to find the song i want. You made a flashy app that doesn't achieve its goal.

9 replies

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Hi there @<a href="http://Brandon.Evans" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener">Brandon.Evans</a>

Thanks for the feedback. I've pinged our developers about what you've said and asked if there's any update planned anytime soon.
Hi Rudi

I have a Samsung UE75MU8000, software/firmware fully updated and it is running Deezer Vn 1.0.25 using a fibre optic audio link. I have no sound. I suspect that the tracks no longer download.

The interface loads and I can sign in. I can select a track and the player screen loads and I get artwork and lyrics. The play bar seconds stays at 00 : 00 but the player app eq logo bars do move up and down. After 30s or so I get "! An error has occured".

I have looked at a couple of other threads on here related to Samsung TV and as a result I have tried re-install, I have been to the app store for the latest version, I even powered off the TV at the mains. I have signed out a tried with the dummy account and still nothing. I reset my TV to factory settings and even then nothing.... and this was irritating as I had to re add ALL my accounts.

I cannot completely uninstall as this app is "Built In"

Other apps, Netflix/Eurosport/Amazon etc., all work.

I didn't know weteher to start a new thread but this question is the same App as mine so thought it more relevent.

Do you have any ideas?
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Hi @Tricamel sorry for the late reply. have you checked if there is a new firmware for your TV available?
I have and it is.fully up to date. Both by manually checking the web site and by running update on the TV
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Hey @Tricamel

Welcome to our community!
Sounds like you've been through an ordeal there! I'm sorry for that.
If you've done all of that and the firmware is up to date, you'll have to wait until we release our update. The good news is that we've got external sources helping us deliver a better smart TV experience. So please bear with us a bit longer. I'll update this topic as soon as I have more info.
Ok. Thanks for the update. Is there a timescale?
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Hit here @Tricamel

Just checked with the right team. No timescale but they're actually working specifically on the Samsung version, hoping to fix issues. So as soon as we get an update, I'll be back here. Please rest assured it's been worked on as we speak 😉
Three months later... Any news? I'm getting tired. Why in the end do we pay you and not the competition?
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We're currently working on fixing some issues with Samsung TVs @BernardC I'm sorry you feel that way. As we're discussing the topic, what version of the Deezer app do you have? This was recently updated, that's why I'm asking.