Samsung Multiroom App - Error for new playlists

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BTW, so gs of these randomly by Samsung's app selected songs on my personal Playlists cannot be edited or deleted (saying "Deezer: Internal server error"

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Hi there @Schnitzelklopf

Sorry abou that and thanks for reporting it. Have you tried switching off the system and your internet router for about 3 min before try it again? Also, try reinstalling the Samsung app and let me know how it goes.
Hi there @Schnitzelklopf
Have you tried switching off the system and your internet router for about 3 min before try it again? Also, try reinstalling the Samsung app and let me know how it goes.

Sure, and I did read the whole thread. The problem isn't new: All your personal deezer Playlists appear in the Samsung app, too, but contain the wrong songs. Every playlist contain the same stupid songs (as shown in my and all the other screenshots in this thread).
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Hey @Schnitzelklopf

Just double checking what you've done so that I can say for certain you're being affected by the same. An update was requested a few days ago. We'll get our devs to look into this and will come back once there's progress. Thank you for your patience.
This issue still not sorted then I see, though it has only just been over a year since it was first raised.
I can't see what all the fuss is about, cracking customer service.
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Hi @jasondpain we are sorry if you are still experiencing this issue. We have passed this on, but it takes longer for our developers to solve than expected, also because it is a product in collaboration with another company. Please make sure you have always the latest version of every app installed.
Just want to add my issue to the log here please. Exact same errors. Have 4 speakers and can play Favourites ok and selected albums but most new playlists throws up "internal server error " or "out of range " . Note with some concern how long this has been going on for. Each Dev team from Samsung and Deezer blaming each other with neither remotely motivated to spend the resource and dev time addressing. Please can I have an update on this ??
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Hi @taste3171 I am sorry that there have been no updates recently. Have you tried to do some troubleshooting steps?
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The fact that Deezer has taken so long to rectify this issue just makes me think they have totally inept devs, or maybe no actual devs at all.

In fact, we, as users have this vision of Deezer working out of some plush office space somewhere, but for all we know, it might just be a bloke in his mum's basement with access to a music streaming server and some good skills at making a glossy app, website etc.

At least that would explain why this issue is still not resolved!

Oh, and please stop that stoopid pop-up asking me how my visit was today asking me to take a survey.

I'm never gonna do your stupid survey! What would be the point?

Also, your new stoopid login picture captcha is utter garbage! It took me 2 minutes of relentlessly clicking stoopid little pictures before I could log in.

Everyone in the world hates those stoopid picture captchas!

Get rid of them...., please, for the love of all things everywhere!
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Hi @taste3171 I am sorry that there have been no updates recently. Have you tried to do some troubleshooting steps?
That is quite insulting to those of us who have put up with this issue for over 12 months.

All the troubleshooting has been done! Done to death in fact!

The end users should not be doing Deezer's work for them.
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Hi there @Ripperoo

Sorry you feel that way. The troubleshooting helps us understand the cause of the issue, not just. Unfortunately because this affects a third party device, we also need their collaboration in the process. I've asked for an update from our devs to give you all more details about the situation. I'll be back once I get a reply. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

On another note, the survey is gather all feedback when using the app, including this topic. So one way or another we managed to get your opinion, and that's valuable.
I've passed your feedback about the captchas too. Thank you.
Maybe I can provide an other information on the problem.
I have 2 WAM 6500 speakers (firmware 3117.1/134R) and a MS750 soundbar (firmware 1146.4 /196R).

I noticed the very same bugs on the WAM 6500 speakers.
Many playlists do not work. When you choose them, you get the following error:
"DEEZER: internal server error" or "selected item is out of range". Sometimes the program displays an other playlist instead of the one you selected.
All these playlists work CORRECTLY on the soundbar. The issue is affecting only the WAM 6500 speakers.
It seems that the R6 speakers with the newest firmware are not fully compatible with the DEEZER music service while the Soundbar is fully compatible.

PS: if you group the R6 with the soundbar while playing incompatible playlist... The R6 keeps silent.
Hmm interesting...same firmware update as below.

I note on one of the historic posts that someone else has linked this to the current R6/R7 firmware update.

@Ripperoo yes thanks. I cant help feeling that our issue is simply being "managed". The length of the post trail for over a year clearly and exhaustively evidences the issue from multiple and individual sources. It's undeniably factual. Not sure what further insight is required ?

I don't doubt the challenge in trying to even illicit a response from Samsung never mind a commitment to collaborate to address. The bottom line is Samsung's multiroom product is probably no longer being supported and is now old tech with no live work stream. From Deezers perspective the product and issue is probably quite niche so I do doubt that there's any real appetite to invest the dev time and to prioritise. The numbers simply dont warrant it I suspect.

Judging from the post history I now note that there have been some persistent and detailed posts from more knowledgeable guys than me who have simply given up and cancelled their subscriptions after no resolution.

I would appreciate some honesty here on the likelihood of getting this resolved so I can make an informed decision about my account.

Same problem here with playlists

Any fix?
Attaching songs/playlist that comes up no matter which new playlist i make

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Hi there @Jeffrey

We're still waiting on an update from Samsung about this. Thank you for reporting it.