Problem with Alexa Skill since October 2021

  • 5 October 2021
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Hi Deezer support

From the comments we see on the Alexa Skill we are many to have the same issue. Non Echo Dot speakers such as Samsung or Bose suddenly stopped working with Deezer. Alexa answers, seems to lookup the song and returns a message "cannot play the music". Echo dot is fine. Were there any changes to the streaming setup? No more music in the living room is quite a bummer 


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20 replies

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Hi @Claireti that is a well know problem now and we are working on a permanent fix.
You can find all the info here: 

Apologies for the inconvenience

Please, please fix this quickly. The playlist algorithms from other streaming services are nowhere as good as Deezer

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@Ggwalker thanks for your feedback.
As soon as it is fixed we will update you and all users in the community.
Thanks for your patience :)

@Jaime. Thank you very much! Eager to get the fix! Keep us posted! 

Please keep me informed, then,  when I can listen to Deezer on my devices, I will renew my paid subscription 😀

Still no solution? Deezer works with Bose when it is started with the Bose music app, but there’s still an error when trying to use the Alexa Deezer skill to start music on Deezer.

Hello @Jaime. Can you give us a status update? Maybe I missed a communication but this has been almost one month with degraded service on our most used device in the house

All the best

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Hi @Claireti @PJ70 I am aware it has been a while. I would love to have good news but I am not sure when it will be fixed.
Have you contacted Amazon Support for an update on their side?

hi Jaime, no I haven’t ask Amazon support. But why should I ask Amazon, when the Deezer skill is not working? Alexa with Amazon Music works fine with Bose speakers.

Hi @Jaime. @PJ70

So far we left a comment on the Amazon skill a few weeks ago but no answer, I can check if there is another contact point but whos is developing the skill? Deezer? Amazon or a third party? 

@Jaime. See the comments on the skills, everyone is very annoyed 


Same problem here, since a couple of weeks when I try to launch Alexa Echo multiroom, I need to enjoy the silence in my living room.

When I try the same with Amazon music or any other online radio it works, so for me it’s a Deezer problem.

I have an Echo 4 and an Echo dot 2 linked via jack to a Harman Kardon loudspeaker.

Thank you for the support

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The Certificate problem is still going on I am afraid, that’s why you still have issues with Deezer on Alexa.
I’ve asked for an update to the corresponding teams in order to inform all affected users.
Thanks for your patience :pensive:

I'm also looking forward to this being resolved as it only seems to work on my newer echo devices.

No Deezer in the kitchen is getting frustrating now!

@Jaime.@Jaime. I had Amazon on the phone, they are pushing it back to you, not sure how further I can push it for my Samsung sound bar, other streaming services are working fine. Please keep us posted asap, we definitely miss our service. Who is developing the Alexa skill? 

One more info, if it is not known already.
I have disabled Deezer skill in Amazon Alexa app and now I cannot add it back as Deezer is not in the list of skills.

@Jamie Now I am being informed by Deezer that the issue has been resolved, however nothing has happened and no resolution has been provided. 
please advise what is happening. 

Hi @Claireti that is a well know problem now and we are working on a permanent fix.
You can find all the info here: 

Apologies for the inconvenience

Do we have an approximate ETA on the permanent fix? Are we looking at days, months, or eons?


@Jaime. Please can you give us an update on how long this issue might take to resolve? Half the devices in my house are first generation amazon echo and I haven't been able to use deezer on them for months now! 

We bought an Amazon Eco Dot because of its compatibility with Deezer. Now the Deezer Skill won’t even show up. What’s going on??!!