Playlist integration on Alexa

  • 7 June 2019
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The search feature shows me that 4 months ago the question regarding personal Playlists on the Alexa has been answered with "really soon".

The current Alexa help information quotes the following Alexa commands...

“Alexa, play the Chill Hits playlist.”
“Alexa, play my Sunday playlist on Deezer.”

But BOTH commands are not able to find a my user generated playlists!

1) Are there different playlists,
2) when will user generated playlists be played?
3) and how do I get deezer to play foreign language songs that Alexa does not understand?

As it is, deezer is really hard to like on the Alexa

5 replies

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Hi there @gimli999

We're working on that at the moment. It should be available but it might have something to do with your language/location settings. Could you have a look and let me know what you see? If possible take a screenshot.
Hi Rudi!
Which language settings do you mean?
My Alexa is connected to a US account and I communicate in englisch with it.

My deezer account is in/from Austria and works fine with my Alexa, except for playing my playlists.

What settings dialogue do you want to see?

thx for any help you can provide.
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Hey! Have a look in this topic here, @gimli999 and let me know if the workaround makes any difference!
Hi @Rudi thank you for your effort, but I have no account on inSided and see no way to make one. My main concern was that when I create a playlist, I cant play it on my Alexa - even though the FAQ specifically says that this should be possible.
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Hey @gimli999

I'm sorry I've posted the wrong link. I've amended above and here. I understand the issue you're having and we're looking into it but please check the other topic and its last replies, it might help in the meantime.