playlist duplicating itself on Deezer

One of my playlists keeps duplicating itself, but only on my laptop other devices are fine, every time i open it there are more and more duplicates , if i try and delete the duplicates it takes all of them out .A playlist of 200 is now up to 900, some of the tracks over 20 times.

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Thanks for your advice, but it seems to have strangely sorted itself,but i will bear it in mind if it happens again.
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Hey there @mros58

Sorry to hear that. Could you please try clearing the app's cache on your laptop? That may help.
Thanks for your advice, but it seems to have strangely sorted itself,but i will bear it in mind if it happens again.

Hello. Similar to this person, it has been now a very long time that I have one playlist that i created, that has over time duplicated itself hundreds of times, on all devices.

here on the desktop, on my phone, 

It is very very very frustrating,  that one why did it duplicate in the first place?

two, that a button has not been created by Deezer after all this time to be able to select multiple playlist for deletion. Especially if there could be a glitch in your system or mine, that is creating these anomalies. 

No one wants to have to sit for hours selecting each playlist then having to confirm that we want to delete it by putting the name of the playlist in again.

What is the logical reason that deezer can use to defend that this function is not available?

What purpose of not allowing multiple selected delete could you offer?

And what is the process in order to make this something that gets added ASAP.

Thank you

Tanya Michelle Smith

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Hi @tmsoulmusic,

Thanks for the feedback and I completely understand your frustration. I will send the idea to our devs.

On the other hand, have you tried the steps @Rudi said on the reply above at all?  

It has been so long that i forgot to even come back here to see what Deezer would have responded to me about this issue;

I looked here on the website deezer to see how to clear the apps cache. but funny enough if you are on a webpage using deezer and not deezer for mac. there is nothing indicated in the settings about clearing the cache of the Deezer app.

Also why is it that one can be signed in using the browser of Deezer and  then try to sign in to Deezer with Deezer for Mac app on my computer and it not recognize and sign me in? Especially if you offer sign in with Facebook, but the Deezer for Mac desktop version shows no where this same button to link sign up through our Facebook Account?


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Sorry about that @tmsoulmusic we'll pass the feedback on this to the desktop app teams. I've got a Mac to test it. What version of our app have you got? On Mac, I encourage a full uninstall, restart and then reinstall.

Also, clear the cache of the default browser because that's the one opening when you log in via the app. Keep me posted!

Hi there Rudi, As you wrote it I just finished doing it. I uninstalled whatever old version and the new version had the Facebook link option available. I had actually just done a I forgot my password move to b able to sign in, and then realized that that perhaps the desktop version was outdated which it was.

Which now brings me to this problem of the playlists which duplicate on all devices. Also if you can specify here where exactly it is to find clear cache of the Deezer app either on the phone or on a web browser or the desktop version, because I looked and cannot find where to see this setting to do so.

and seeing as this was at least 3 months ago have you brought it to the attention of the developers of deezer?

Thanks for your assistance!

Just an added not, I cleared cookies and cache and the massive amount of duplicate play lists are still there.

So ultimately however, this anomaly or bug, it would be nice to have the option to delete multiple playlists without this function of having to re type the name of the playlist abolished.  If its playlists that we created we should have an easier way to get rid of them or modify more than one at a time.

Thank you for your time and assistance in this situation.


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Hi there Tanya @tmsoulmusic 

Thanks for coming back to me about this.

I've forwarded your feedback about playlist multiple selections, it's definitely a good idea. You can also check our ideas forum here for a similar suggestion that may need your vote :wink:

And yes, we've referred the issue to our devs and I'm also doing it now, with the details you've just given me. Could I please ask you when you first noticed the duplicates (the day)?

Unfortunately I can’t give you a specific day because it’s been that long that this problem has been there… I’d say it’s been over a year…

at least…


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No problem @tmsoulmusic that already gives us an idea! :thumbsup_tone2:
By the way, another question: do you remember using an importing tool, for example?

Hi Rudi

no importing tool was used. I truly believe this is a bug inside Deezer because you don’t have an option set up to delete multiple playlists.

which since the existence of Deezer until now should have evolved. 
i imagine that this kind of thing would be the reason folks choose another music platform that charges 12.99$ a month…

thank you again for your looking into and finding a solution to this frustrating issue.



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I understand your point @tmsoulmusic 

It was one of the questions our devs' team wanted you to answer. I'll follow this up with them now and will get back to you once I've got a response - thank you :thumbsup_tone2:

I'm dealing with the same problem. My playlist named “Corrida” was duplicated!

I was dealing with the same problem in the app I’m building lol, it’s an easy error to fix.


This happened after I sorted the list as “manual” and then in order of date. 



EDIT: it seems to fix itself after waiting some minutes. It wasn’t fixed right after refreshing the website tbh. 

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Hey @Daniboy 

Thanks for updating us!

Please do keep me posted, we've been encountering some pesky bugs recently...

I’m new new to service and I’m immediately experiencing the duplicate track problem. I am using a Macbook air M1 and the Deezer app. Playlist duplicates tracks after moving a track to a new position.  I see the suggestion above about clearing the app cache but I can’t see how that is done. Seeing the original post is a year old it is disappointing to see the problem has not been resolved yet. I created an 80 song playlist the day before yesterday, experienced duplication problems, deleted a bunch of tracks, and when I booked on yesterday half the tracks of the list had vanished undoing a couple of hours work.  I can’t edit this list without inviting the duplication problems so I will have to start again from scratch. 

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Hey @Garry G 

Thanks for reaching out. The topic is old but we haven't had this issue reported in a long time.

I suggest you uninstall the app, restart your Mac, and then redownload the app and reinstall. Let me know how it goes!

Me too. Happened immediately after I’d joined and made a few playlists. I mean come on, sort it out - it’s ridiculously useless. The “topic” may be “old” but it’s still happening. 

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Thanks for the feedback @romyjones 

Could you please let us know your device  model, OS and Deezer app version?

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Hey @Rudi just had this happen multiple times in both the Windows app and on the web app. Below are the exact steps I believe I took both times to reproduce. I’d recommend trying it with a playlist that has at least around 200-300 songs in it.

  1. Add an old “version” of a song that is no longer available in your country to a playlist, (ie. (Porchy & Oxxxymiron - Earth Burns)).
  2. Add the updated, current version of the same song at its new track ID that is now available in your country to the same playlist (ie.
  3. Select the obsolete version of the song (the one in step 1)—notice how both versions are incorrectly shown as selected.
  4. Click delete and confirm deletion in the playlist toolbar at the top—notice how it says 1 song is selected, even though both show as selected in the list.
  5. Refresh the playlist.

Following the steps above, should lead a random number of the songs in the playlist to duplicate themselves.

Feel free to let me know if you need any further information. I have a full list form the API of songs before and after the deletion, as well if that helps. Just let me know the best way to get that to you privately.

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Thanks a lot for this @hmnd and for joining the desktop app group - your feedback is super useful. The group was going to be my suggestion to share thinks like the list of songs.

I'll forward this for now, and will let you know if our devs need anything else :wink:

Hi there, I have the same problem, first time making a playlist and the song start duplicating, when I delete one the other remains but doesn’t play, on my phone the problem doesn’t exist and the song gets deleted completely.

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Hi there @Dampi 

Thanks for letting us know. Is this happening on the desktop app too? Can you try reinstalling the app after deleting the Deezer folder in %appdata?

If this happens on your web browser, could you please try clearing cache + cookies to see if it helps?