playback error on my onkyo rz820

  • 15 December 2018
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Playback has been flawless. I signed up for hi-fidelity from deezer and its played well on my onkyo until today. I play music but when its time to go to the next song, it says playback error. Now it is capable of hi-res playback and even shows the flac output on screen. This is actually why I subscribed to the hi fidelity music. The receiver has latest update. Can anyone shed some light. If I stream it through roku it works fine. Thank you.

12 replies

Same here on my Onkyo R-N855.
Trying to play Flow and it says:
"Playback error / Can not get next media."
Same problem here on my Onkyo TX-8270.
Trying to play Flow and it says: "Playback error / Can not get next media."
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Our developers are aware of this issue and are working on it. I'm sorry that has been taking longer than we expected!
Same problem here on my Onkyo NS-6130.
Trying to play Flow and it says: "Playback error / Can not get next media."
Following the recommendations of Onkyo support, I performed the device factry reset but this does not help.
Hi Deezer, what’s going on? Since 18 days we can’t use the Flow at Onkyo devices. I’m paying for your service! Please fix it immediately!
I have an Onkyo TZ-RZ830 . Deezer was playing Flow very well for a few weeks, but then stopped. I now get the same error "Playback error / Can not get next media.". Is there any sign of a solution to this problem?
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Hi @Morrisob this is still under investigation by our developers I am afraid. No solution for the moment, we kindly ask for some patience.
I can not hear music with Deezer anymore on my Onkyo HT R993.

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Hi there @Claudio FSR

Before we move on to the problem other users reported above, could we try some basic connection troubleshooting? We've got to rule out any problems within your connection first. Could you try switching off the device and your router for about 3 min and try again?
Let me know what happens 😉
I « up » this topic.
rz810 always cannot playback with inbuilt deezer.

you have to found a solution. Or stop writing onkyo supports Deezer.

thank you
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Hi there @jbv33670

Sorry to hear that. Have you tried the troubleshooting here in this topic? I need to know what steps you've tried before a further investigation.