Musiccast skips tracks after a minute or so

  • 21 December 2018
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I am using my Deezer Account with my Yamaha Rx-V485 and it doesn't plays all songs to the end. Every few songs it just skips for no reason to the next song. I have the 483 before and there were no issues at all.

How to fix it? I already tried a different account without any difference.

9 replies

Today it's even worse, not a single song is played until the end
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have you already reinstalled the app?
I don't think I can uninstall deezer from the AV receiver.
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Is everything connected to the same wifi? Please turn everything off, including you modem for about 3 minutes. let e know if it helps!
Was away for days (Christjäger) and yes everything is in the same network. With the older receiver I could even leave the house and music plays without problems at home
Factory reset didn't helped as well. Tidal works like a charm.

Is this an device problem or should I just switch to a steaming service where the app is working?
It is so annoying
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Hi @jkirem

Thanks for the feedback. We've passed it to our developers so that they can look into it 😉
Even got a new receiver, problem still exists on current firmware