music keeps cutting out on my node2i

  • 4 December 2019
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I’ve had Deezer on my Node2i for several months it worked fine. Today the music keeps cutting out.I restarted the node by unplugging it but it still happens. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks Ron

4 replies

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Hi there @pizzamn57 

Have you also restarted your internet for about 3 mins? Any contact made with Bluesound about this? Maybe there's a firmware update.

hey …..I have a similar issue ?…..i just bought the most recent NODE…..I think i set it up properly??

BUT   when i try my DEEZER  app ..i get a small snip of music and then i move ahead to the next song in the  Q….none stop

It is a free account … i don't know if i installed it wrong   or that the NODE may only work with paid accounts  thru an arrangement with Deezer ……….I just need to find a solution..

thanks ….soochie 

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@soochie , my first thought is that it’s related to your account being a free one. I’m sure someone can chime in to say for sure. Have you tried just playing your Flow?

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Yeah, this is the normal behaviour on mobile apps for free accounts as well, so I guess you will need a Deezer Premium account to enable on-demand playing. It may work at least with playlists that Deezer created, but not for tracks or albums you searched yourself and want to listen to non-stop.

Depending on your location the subscription price may also have been raised lately which means that a Premium account now offers HiFi streaming, too, so you don’t need a dedicated HiFi account anymore.