Music continues after leaving my car

  • 9 January 2018
  • 3 replies

Dear MR/mrs,
I'm having thé problem that my music keeps on playing after i left my car (via bluetooth link). It then continues through my phone speaker. How do i stop this?

Thank you.

Kind Gerards,

3 replies

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Hi @STEPHENCOP , I didn't understand much, I'm sorry 🙂 Did you stop the app, but it's still playing?
I have the same problem. When I turn off my car, so there is no more bluetooth connection with my phone, it somehow switches to the next song. After that, it either stops playing music or continues through the phone speaker as mentioned by @STEPHENCOP. @Rafael., I don't stop the app, just the bluetooth connection.
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Have you already reinstalled the app to see if it helps?