mobile and pc orders are different with very similitar dates

  • 23 July 2020
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If you use soundiiz for example for transfer things from spotify to deezer you will find that the dates are the same in all music. But if you order this in mobile phone and in the pc you are getting different orders.

Actually in pc the order is the same as I had in spotify, so I think soundiiz is putting the songs in order but in almost the same date hour and second.

So I think it is dued to deezer not showing full date in both of the devices , examples the song was added the x-s-yyyy at pp:oo hours

Deezer only shows the x-s-yyyy but internaly they count the pp:oo hours so they give playlists an order.

So… why it’s reversed in my mobile phone? I don’t understand.

Order in PC


Same playlist, same type of order, different ordern in the songs added by soundiiz


Althought the rest of songs that has been added after that songs by soundiiz are well ordered. I think it can be called a bug(?)


For me the good ordered songs are the first photo, the playlist in the PC.

1 reply

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Hi @Alblinux, I'm happy to pass the feedback on to our devs, however, the website you used doesn't belong to Deezer and we cannot guarantee that the data will be transferred correctly. To be honest, there is no troubleshooting we could do to change this. I checked our system and can't find any other user with the same issue at the moment, which makes me believe this is happening because of soundiiz. As you mentioned, it could be a new bug as well, but if it's caused by a third website, there is nothing we can do. I'll pass this feedback on to our developers and let's see if other users also reply to this topic! Let me know if you notice anything else.