Latest favourite track isn't displaying on Chrome

The latest song i favourite is not showing in my list. But if i add another favourite, the one that wasnt showing will appear and then the new latest song wont appear. But if i search for the song outside my favourite list, i can see that its been favourited.

This is via Chrome. Not the application. The application displays all songs correctly.

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Hi there @Brandon.Evans

I've tried to reproduce your problem here on my side but wasn't able to. What I noticed was that it doesn't show as favourite straight away, but it takes a couple of seconds to update.
In what OS are you using Chrome? Have you tried updating it?
My OS does not have any influence on what your site displays. No matter what browser i use, it will not show my latest favourite. The moment i add another favourite, the one that was missing then shows as number 1, but i still cant see the song i just added to favourites. Please can you look into my profile. This is inconvenient
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I Brandon, as Rudi commented above, we can't reproduce this issue. We believe this is something with your device. Please clear the cache and cookies of the browser and try from another one too. Let me know if it helps!
I've cleared cache multiple times. Used different devices. Issue persists.

This is not even related to the browser as the same happens on Edge and chrome.

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Hi there @Brandon.Evans

How many favourite tracks do you have, by any chance?