'JavaScript error occurred in the main process' - Windows Desktop App

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Hi, yesterday I have updated deezer app, and this error is a result when you start the app.

App version, I have tried with repair, restart and even uninstal and install. Nothing helped.

Is it a known bug? as deezer worked perfectly before the update!


Best answer by Rudi 29 October 2019, 14:55

Hi all,

Another update from our devs. Following your feedback, versions 4.17.10 and 4.17.20 have been removed from the rollout. Please uninstall your app, download 4.17.1 from here and keep that version for now until we finish working on a fixed version. Thank you for your support and patience 👍🏼

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I have the same problem.

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Hi there @karlosmunjos @Furkan.Özbek 

Thank you for reporting it. May I suggest something? You could uninstall, search for %appdata and delete the Deezer folder. Then before reinstalling it, try updating your Java plugin, and give it a go again. Let me know if it helps!

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Hi Rudi,

I have tried what you suggested, only without the java update, as from exception you can see that deezer is written in javascript electron framework not in java. I don’t even have java installed on my machine. :grinning:

Unfortunately I still receive the same error when I start deezer.

Thanks for your help!


I have exactly  the same problem.I did every thing I can to restore the app restore pc formated hard disk and install again Windows 10

Always the same error message, 

I chated with french chat destop Deezer today , they said I’m the only one to have this problem.

So I’m (happy) to see i’m not alone.

Sorry for my bad English ….

if you have the solution, I’ll take it

Thank you to read me





Any solution for this? I’ve got the same problem. 


it seams be a new problem 

can erevy one tell thé configuration 

for me :

windows 10 update auto

laptop lenovo ideapad 330s

last version Deezer music 

I think Deezer music was open when auto upgrade run

I’ve updated javascript. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled deezer desktop. Still showing same error. There is no Deezer folder in Appdata folder. Couldn’t delete. Flac quality only working on deskt

op app. I need it.

same issue on my laptop but on my desktop pc works fine..

i’m a new subscriber

I have the same mistake... Unable to resolve.:disappointed_relieved:

Same exact problem here.  


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I have the same issue JavaScripterror on Win10 Dezzer.


We need support, reminder that we pay for your services...

Hello. Same here.

Hi, Same issue with me… uninstalled the app several times, updated Java...reinstalled Deezer… still bugging. But only on windows 10. It works fine on my android phone and car app.

Same issue.  The standalone app on Windows 7 works fine for me, but the windows 10 app does not.  In my case the temp directory that the error is reporting being unable to read does not exist, so it looks like some sort of cached state that is referring to the temp directory that has been deleted.  Like others the problem persisted after uninstall and re-install.  I even tried installing, then deleting all references to deezer in the registry, before then reinstalling, but to no avail

FYI Also tried running all updates on Windows (thinking outdated environment) and that didn’t help.


I have the same problem. I'm giving up on Deezer

I have the same problem also.

Same problem here, with latest Windows 10 Update.

 Tried reinstalling Deezer app, same problem.



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@Rudi  Hey Rudi RE: my offline help file you were on where i said i have a java script error it is this one as well

So #MeToo

I can tell you I have  CLEAN/ FULL new and updated windows 10 install.  after a clean full format of my C Drive. 

Clean Format of my D: drive as well

Updated Java and all other chipsets and re installed Deezer to its default path in the C drive / windows app folder.

None of those things have helped to solve the issue. 

I will be following this thread. 

same issues here!

Same here after update to 4.7.10

Windows 10 Version 1909 (Build 18363.418)


Is there a repo with old versions anywhere?

I would like to install 4.7.1 again.

I have the same issue JavaScripterror on Win10 Dezzer.


We need support, reminder that we pay for your services...




Hi Deezer please offer support to your paying customers.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled also. Please help!!


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I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM in one of my desktops.

Two desktops and a laptop running all the same version of Windows 10 pro 64bit 1903

The Deezer app runs OK in the laptop and in one of my desktops. In the other desktop I get the JavaScript error no matter what I do: I updated Java to the last version. I did a reset on Deezer app, I unistalled and reinstalled Deezer app after a CCleaner app run. Nothing. I always get the same error message:



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I have this problem now.  Same as the screenshots posted by others.  App auto updated to a short time ago.  Now I cannot get Deezer to run.

Is there some way to go back to the previous version?

How come this was first reported three days ago and still not solved?