Issues casting to Chromecast LG Devices via Deezer iOS app

  • 9 January 2021
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I cannot cast to any non-Google/Nest devices such as LG MusicFlow speakers via my mobile phone.  I can cast with no issues using Spotify App on the same mobile device to the same speakers, however, when I try to cast via the Deezer the cast icon cycles on the screen for roughly 1-2 minutes, but never successfully connects (I receive an error message that says “Failed to connect to Speaker Name”).   I am connected to the same WiFi network for the mobile device and speakers.  

Note: I am able to cast to Google/Nest devices like Google Home.  

Can you please provide support?

My mobile device and speaker details are shown below.

Mobile Device: iPhone X, Software Version 14.3

LG Device Firmware: 1.21.75965

6 replies

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Hi there @pmorrone 

Thanks for reporting this. What's our app version? Have you tried restarting your network router, phone and reinstalling our app?

Keep us posted!

Yes, I have restarted all hardware devices and uninstalled / reinstalled the app.  I am using Deezer version  

I suspect it is an incompatibility with the cast firmware and Deezer.  

Please review and offer support.

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Thanks for getting back to me @pmorrone 

That's odd, we use the latest Google protocols for casting. No firmware updates available for the LG?

I've forwarded what you said to our developers so that they can provide further support, hang in there!

Rudi et al.,

Reviewing this further, this is entirely a Deezer issue.  The problem is that Deezer is not currently compatible with older casting firmware which Spotify is.  It is interesting how Spotify is able to work with these devices on that cast firmware version but Deezer cannot.  In this case, Deezer needs to be able to support casting for 1.21.75965 or older.  Can you please review?  



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Thanks for the comment, Phil. Very useful! @pmorrone 

I'll certainly feed this back to our developers so that they can consider support for LG devices either via your suggestion or with an improved way.

Just out of curiosity, have you tried contacting LG about updating the firmware?

Yes and I’m using the latest LG firmware for these devices.  Again I have no issues with Spotify and I just tried YouTube Music and no issues there either.  Seems to be a Deezer specific issue.